Valentine’s Day is once a year, but the opportunity to wine and dine the one you love is there all year round! You can rekindle the romance over drinks, dinner or even afternoon tea in leafy Mayfair. Here are a couple of our favourite ideas for a romantic meal in our favourite part of London: […]

Flemings Hotel is a cute and quirky boutique hotel, tucked away in the middle of  Half Moon Street. It’s already popular with tourists and residents alike, but this designer destination is about to get even more of a reputation boost. 50 of its rooms have undergone a dramatic refurbishment. specialist wallpapers. The new designs include […]

Mayfair is one of the most iconic areas in the city of London, and tourists flock from far and wide to experience its exclusive atmosphere. If you’re visiting Mayfair for the first time this summer, here are 5 things you definitely don’t want to miss out on: 1. Go shopping. With an impressive selection of […]

The district of Mayfair sat in its prestigious end-of-the-circuit spot on the Monopoly board until 2011, when it was removed in favour of Kensington Palace Gardens. However, the residents of Mayfair – led by Flemings Hotel on Half Moon Street. Have decided to appeal the design and fight to put Mayfair back in its rightful […]

Mayfair hotel hosts Inspirational Mother Awards this Saturday 9th March. It was also the day that the Mayfair Hotel on Stratton Street hosted the first annual Inspirational Mother Awards. A ceremony designed to honour the achievements of inspirational mothers and grandmothers from across the country. Created by The Caron Keating Foundation. Treated to a lavish […]

The London Evening Standard has revealed that Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant at prestigious Mayfair hotel Claridge’s will soon be closing its doors. The celebrity chef’s residency expires on 30th June this year and it has been decided that the contract will not be renewed. Moving on to new opportunities and investments. A spokeswoman for Gordon Ramsay […]

Singer Lily Cooper (nee Allen) was spotted in Mayfair earlier this week, enjoying a romantic meal with her husband Sam for the first time since the birth of their second daughter Marnie. Lily certainly looked the part of the yummy mummy, dressed in a bright red leopard print dress and matching lipstick, whilst Sam was […]

Claridges is one of the most prestigious five star hotels in London. Situated on Brook Street in the exclusive district of Mayfair. It is renowned for its ideal central location, luxurious decor and impeccable service. Whether it’s spent in an extravagant penthouse or a refined en-suite bedroom. Any stay at Claridges is guaranteed to be […]