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Annabel's, a prestigious private members club founded in 1963 by Mark Birley, has...

Escape the ordinary and step into the vibrant world of Socialista, a Cuban-inspired...

Tabu London, located in the prestigious Mayfair area, is a remarkable destination for...

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Mayfair, a vibrant and prestigious district in London, is renowned for its luxurious night clubs. Known for their exclusivity, these clubs offer a unique blend of high-energy entertainment, world-class DJs, and sophisticated ambiance. Mayfair’s night scene attracts a diverse crowd, including celebrities, trendsetters, and nightlife enthusiasts.

Popular Clubs

Among the most celebrated night clubs in Mayfair are:

  • Tabu London: is Mayfair’s Tokyo-inspired nightclub, and revel in Shinjuku’s underground charm, and surprises around every corner.
  • Tape London: Offering an elite experience with its cutting-edge design and exclusive events, Tape is a favourite among music lovers and the fashion elite.
  • Mahiki Mayfair: Famous for its Polynesian-themed décor and unique cocktails, Mahiki provides a tropical escape in the heart of London.

These clubs are the epitome of Mayfair’s vibrant nightlife, each offering a distinct experience but all guaranteeing an exclusive and memorable evening. From VIP services to celebrity sightings, these venues are the pinnacle of London’s night scene.

This directory presents a curated list of the best night clubs in the prestigious area of Mayfair, London, providing a gateway to the city’s most exclusive and electrifying nightlife experiences.