Iconic London Hotels Striking in Their Designs

London can be considered a home of art and architecture; as such, there are iconic hotels in the vicinity. The city is richer with arts and galleries. It has Museums, double-decker buses, and iconic red phone booths. One peculiar feature of London is that it houses hotels that take you back to the historical era. Hotels in London have good interiors and luxurious rooms. These features are what make classic London Hotels.

However, these hotels have openings for casino players. You can play online games in your rooms or meet other players in their restaurants. The famous London Hotels have a wide range of casinos to choose from. They have their casinos attached to the building. Lodgers can get top payforit casino sites that offer sure and safe betting. These hotels have licensed bars and restaurants which ease online playing while enjoying yourself. When these restaurants are shutting down, you have the opportunity to gamble as you wish.

Therefore, apart from the unique designs these hotels possess, they provide an enabling environment for gambling. You are more open to high-end dealings. You’re most likely to enjoy gambling because you see more of the beauty attached to it.

Popular London Hotels

These are famous London hotels that have been dated back to 1800. They withstand wars, yet they are still as elegant as they were. They include:

  • The Dorchester: The Dorchester, when it first started, was known to be dominated by royals and dignitaries. Queen Elizabeth II first attended it. Other dignitaries also attend to date.
  • Browns Hotel: it is considered the first designed hotel in London. It started operation in 1837. Afterwards, they welcomed guests like presidents, prime ministers, writers, and inventors.

Hotels With Different Themes

The following include hotels that have iconic designs, themes, and decorations.

  • The Ritz: Ritz became popular due to its French architectural designs. They have welcomed guests from different parts of the world. King Alfonso of Spain was also lodged when he was alive.
  • The Connaught: The Connaught was established as far back as 1815. It has accolades from guests from around the world, especially in France. It has Michelin-starred dining and just-for-you gallery showings.
  • Claridge’s: Claridge’s was established as far back as 1856. It was renovated in the Art Deco style in the 1920s. History has it that it served as a place where kings sought refuge during World War II. In the 1950s, it lodged iconic individuals in the Hollywood industry.

Casino Hotels

The following includes popular hotels in London.

  • The May Fair Hotel: This hotel is known for its alluring and attractive look. It has a modern structure that consists of Italian marble and a show of cultural influence. Also, they offer cuisines that cater to different segments of the audience. People from other parts of the world can enjoy their delicacies. They have the Palm Beach Casino, which serves as a gambling provision for lodgers. They can play any game that suits them, ranging from American Roulette or 3 Card Poker.
  • The London Hilton: This hotel has a unique design in London, which makes it different from others. It has a wide dining space. The grandeur and beauty of the British are eminent in London Hilton. Also, London Hilton is versed in making Michelin-started Cuisine. Also, lodgers can play various games like Blackjack, Baccarat, etc. Other traditional casino games are also available for anyone that wishes to play.
  • The Sheraton Park Tower: The Sheraton Park Tower is located at Knights bridge. The hotel has a tower that enables a clear view of the outside world. It is painted in a soft and monotone colour that depicts urbanity. In their bar, they serve traditional tea peculiar to the British. Also, you can get drinks, and you’ll be served with utmost care. They allow lodgers to play stud poker, Roulette, and many other Casinos in their bar. You’re likely not to be bored being here.
  • The W Hotel: This is a unique place you can be if you intend to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle. It has a chic outlook. The environment is comfortable, and it has a good dining space. The cocktail experience is usually memorable. Apart from the comfortable space, they have varieties of Casinos to keep you less bored. You can choose either Napoleon Casino, G Casino, or empire.
  • The Ritz London: The Ritz London gives a perfect feel of the typical British. The aura displayed in furniture, rooms, and ceiling depicts pure British. For guests, they prepare the Michelin Started Ritz. A segment of Ritz London allows gambling on a 24 hours basis. You can either play Punto Banco, Blackjack, or Roulette.
  • Amba Hotel: It is situated beside Oxford Street and Hyde Park. It has a modern look and furniture. Apart from it being a leisure spot, business deals are also attended to in this hotel. Lodgers are open to different casino sites. They can play slots, Roulette, and many other online games in their bar.


The hotels mentioned above are iconic, and their designs are top-notch. It’s an amazing place you can be because they have excellent services and games for you. They are better regarded as classic London Hotels. Apart from the opportunity to play any game that suits you, you also enjoy a stress-free life. You can be there if you desire temporary freedom that’ll be more enjoyable in a comfortable environment.