Let’s explore Mayfair, the most elegant neighbourhood in London

Situated in the British capital, Mayfair is a neighbourhood where culture and luxury intersect and offer a vast array of experiences for both travellers and locals looking for an extraordinary time. Mayfair is a region known for its quintessential Britishness and luxury shops, and it has the reputation of London’s most fashionable residential district, which dates back to the mid-18th century. The area is renowned as a playground for the famous and rich, but it also has some hidden gems that need to be explored. 

Mayfair is without a doubt the poshest region in London, this being proved also by the fact that it is the most prestigious and priciest spot on the Monopoly boards. Mayfair is also home to one of the best restaurants serving Instagram-worthy cuisine, iconic red brick mansions where the most affluent individuals in London live and the best designer boutiques. 

The location has a fascinating and rich past, as the annual “May Fair” was organised in the area, from where the name originates. The event was a raucous festivity banned because it was considered a public scandal. However, now, the district has the reputation of being one of the best regions in London and the entire world. 

So, let’s discover together what Mayfair has to offer.   

Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor Square is one of the centrepieces in Mayfair, taking its name from Sir Richard Grosvenor, the first Duke of Westminster, who created the area around 1721. This place is a very fashionable region and was home to the American Embassy. The square hosts art installations and music concerts, but you can also relax and chill on the grass while playing table tennis or chess. 

Royal Academy of Arts

The Royal Academy of Arts is situated in Piccadilly, a little outside the heart of Mayfair. Because it has funded various incredible artists for over 250 years, the Royal Academy of Arts has numerous gems that need to be seen. For example, the place is home to a permanent collection that displays the work of one of the most prestigious artists and the famous annual Summer Exhibition that presents the upcoming contemporary talent. 

If you are a history or art fanatic, a trip to Mayfair will not be complete without a visit to the Royal Academy of Arts. 

Berkeley Square

Berkeley Square is a public garden surrounded by beautiful-looking residential buildings designed by William Kent, an English architect in the mid-18th century. Many famous people have called this region their home, including Winston Churchill, who lived at No.48 and Horace Walpole, who stayed at No.11. 

Handel & Hendrix

The location is also a museum which shows the work of a popular composer, George Frederic Handel, but also celebrates Jimi Hendrix, who lived in the same place from July 1968 until March 1969. In the Handel House, you can see four restored historic rooms with numerous objects and artefacts belonging to the composer. Then, in Hendrix’s flat, you can visit a permanent exhibition that documents the position of Jimi Hendrix in the musical world of the British capital in the 1960s. 

The best places to eat and drink in Mayfair

Mercato Mayfair

You might not consider street food when you are in one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in London, but your opinion will change if you visit the Mercato Mayfair. The location is set in a classic elegant former church that needs to be seen, as it looks incredible and offers delicious street food. Don’t forget to try the ice cream from Badiani- thanks us later. 

The Mayfair Chippy

If you are around Mayfair’s North Audley Street, you will surely see a queue at the Mayfair Chippy. The restaurant is exactly what you would imagine: a classic British chip shop but with the Mayfair standards. The location’s atmosphere is one of the best, and you will feel amazing here thanks to the excellent conditions, like delicious food, friendly staff and good Wi-Fi connectivity. What else can you want more? However, be careful and protect your personal information, as the cyberattacks and data breach claims have increased in the last period. 


People didn’t expect Socca to have such a great success as it was opened on Mayfair’s Audley Street, and it needed to replace the venerated Richoux café, which was closed in 2021. However, Socca gathered a lot of attention from people and attracted faithful locals searching for the best dishes made by the French Michelin-starred chef Claude Bosi. The restaurant‘s interior is worth paying a visit, as it conjures Cote d’Azur vibes with honey-coloured wooden floors and blue banquettes. The menu focuses on French Mediterranean comfort food, which is absolutely delicious. 

Top Shopping Spots

The Royal Arcade

Whether you want to spend your money or soak up the atmosphere and stroll along the streets of Mayfair, the Royal Arcade is a spot you must not miss. The Royal Arcade was constructed in 1879, connecting Old Bond Street with Albemarle Street and is one of the oldest shopping arcades in London. Filled with jewellery shops and exclusive fashion, the impressive arcade is designed with stunning Victorian features that will make you feel like you have jumped back in time. 

Savile Row

Savile Row is very popular as a men’s tailoring location dedicated to producing traditional and bespoke suits. The history and reputation of the Row have existed for almost 300 years, and until today, it remains an icon for gentlemen’s luxury attire. The best tailors to check on Savile Row are Davies & Son and Huntsman, who have created stunning clothing pieces for Princes, Kings and Presidents. 

Heywood Hill

Located in the heart of Mayfair, the Heywood Hill bookshop is the perfect spot for bibliophiles, as it sells everything from new releases to antiquarian classics. It is situated across two floors and is a magical literary spot that has attracted numerous curious readers and famous writers since it first opened in 1936.

Are you ready to explore Mayfair?