How to Live in Mayfair: The Game Changer

Mayfair is one of the world’s most desirable and expensive places to live – Full of character and class, this elite London location has stylish, sophisticated and select shops, restaurants and bars around every corner, but buyers will need a starting budget of about £1 million for a one-bedroom apartment and LottoLand could be the answer and ticket to enter to this privilege living area of London.

Ever been curious about what Lottoland is offering these days? Below, you will find a roundup and overview of a few of Lottoland’s most popular game offerings.


This is a 5 from 50 and 2 from 12 lotto. It features a 5+2 game format, and whatever the jackpot is, Lottoland will match it. Players can also take advantage of super draws and special jackpots. Jackpots can be bet on each Tuesday and Friday.

Bets are only £2.50. In March, players can look forward to a £100 MILLION jackpot every Tuesday and Friday. All a player needs to do is select 5 numbers from 1 to 50 and then 2 extra numbers from 1 to 12. There is also a QuickPick option for players too.

Online Casino

If you feel lucky, get to the Lottoland online casino. There are some fun slots to enjoy, plus classic casino games. Jackpots are everywhere to be found, and the prizes get up to €1 million and beyond.

Games available for players to enjoy include Three Card Poker, baccarat, blackjack and plenty more. Live casinos are also available, with 17 dealer games going on at any given moment.

Keno 24/7

Pick your numbers, and place your bet. It’s easy. Begin by choosing your numbers. All you have to do is select between 1 and 10 numbers for every ticket. Then, select the duration. Select how many draws you want to play. Finally, choose a stake multiplier-anywhere from x1 to x2500.

Winning can take place around the clock thanks to the fact these games are done every 4 minutes, and the €10 million jackpot is always there for the winning. Winning numbers are based upon New York’s keno game, which is called Quick Draw.


Players can look forward to a huge progressive jackpot of €130 million. Prizes are determined by the number of digits on your bet and how they match up to the winning number. By placing a full players get the full jackpot, but only if they can guess the 8 winning numbers in their correct order.

Other prizes are also available for instance if a player guesses the last 7 digits in the correct order, they would win 2nd prize.

Instant Win Games

There are plenty of instant win games to choose from. Millionaire is drawn on Tuesdays and Fridays, but now can be enjoyed anytime thanks to the Instant Win game on Lottoland’s site. Bets are just 1 euro and you have the chance to win €1 million at any given moment.

Ole Instant Win is a Spanish-themed game, based upon the Spanish El Gordo lottery. If Players match all 5 numbers in the correct sequence, they can win a prize. Even by matching two or more digits, players can still score a win.

SpinLotto is a combination of the fun of slots and the fun of scratchcard tickets. You select your favourite numbers and then try to find a match on the reels to win some cash prizes.

The games at Lottoland are sure to keep players entertained for hours. Make sure to play responsibly.