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Mayfair still the most expensive Monopoly spot

Mayfair Still The Most Expensive Monopoly Spot

The Flemings "Put Mayfair back on the Monopoly Board" campaign is still going strong. Regardless of its recent replacement with Kensington Palac...

Mayfair Monopoly campaign garners support from MP

Mayfair Monopoly Campaign Garners Support From Mp

If you’re a regular Mayfair reader. You may remember our recent blog about the new campaign from Flemings Mayfair. They put the prestigious dist...

Flemings launch campaign to put Mayfair back on the Monopoly board

Flemings Launch Campaign To Put Mayfair Back On The Monopoly Board

The district of Mayfair sat in its prestigious end-of-the-circuit spot on the Monopoly board until 2011, when it was removed in favour of Kensin...