Mayfair still the most expensive Monopoly spot

The Flemings “Put Mayfair back on the Monopoly Board” campaign is still going strong. Regardless of its recent replacement with Kensington Palace Gardens. For many board game fans, Mayfair is still the number one spot on the Monopoly score card.

Own the entire district.

Now new research from Halifax has revealed the equivalent prices for houses around the board. Unsurprisingly Mayfair has hit the top spot, with an average house price of £1.4 million (despite the fact you’d pay just £400 to own the entire district)

house prices soar in recent years.

However, it’s not just upmarket Mayfair that has seen house prices soar in recent years. Even the lower price areas Old Kent Road and Whitechapel, which cost just £60 on the board. Now have average house prices of £192,714 and £295,082 respectively. Many areas have become more fashionable, leading to an even more dramatic rise. A house in Angel Islington, for example, will cost a player just £100. A real life buyer will now pay £610, 382 for a typical property.

Mayfair property is a prestigious purchase.

A property in Mayfair is certainly a prestigious purchase. With such a great range of amenities and attractions, it’s unsurprising that this fantastic postcode comes with a price tag to match. However, if you’re committed to investing in a property in the area, our directory of friendly Mayfair estate agents will be more than happy to help you find your dream home. Why not pay them a visit today?

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