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A Perfect Day in the Mayfair District

Mayfair, a borough of the West End, has numerous boutiques, wealthy residences, and enchanting nightclubs. Find some of London’s best shops, famous auction houses and …

Fine Jewellery

Richard Ogden

My first experience of buying diamonds on the Internet was a bit like buying a cheap flight,” says Robert Ogden.

shopping in London mayfair
Bond Street

Summer sale shopping in Mayfair

The summer sales have finally arrived, and stores across the district of Mayfair, London, are slashing their prices and giving residents and visitors a chance …

magic carpet of Mayfair
Places of interest in Mayfair

The magic carpet of Mayfair

If you have a yearning to travel the globe in order to take in its most famous sights. You may be surprised to hear that …

Mayfair must-dos
Places of interest in Mayfair

5 first time Mayfair must-dos

Mayfair is one of the most iconic areas in the city of London, and tourists flock from far and wide to experience its exclusive atmosphere. …

Jimmy Choo releases new Mayfair store concept
Luxury Goods

Jimmy Choo Releases new Mayfair Store Concept

This week brings good news for all Mayfair-bound shoe fanatics. The designs for a new Jimmy Choo men’s flagship store have been released, with a …

Weight loss in Mayfair
Health and Beauty

Weight loss in Mayfair

Former Big Brother star Josie Gibson was photographed in Mayfair recently, looking stunning after undergoing an incredible weight loss journey. Josie, 28, previously weighed almost …

Free things to do in Mayfair
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Free things to do in Mayfair

Christmas seems like a lifetime ago now, but many of us are still feeling the pinch when it comes to recouping our finances. If you’re …

Must-see attractions in Mayfair
Places of interest in Mayfair

Must-see attractions in Mayfair

If you want to experience all that the upmarket district of Mayfair has to offer, but don’t have time to take in all of the …

Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping in Mayfair

There are only two weeks of Christmas shopping time left, but if you’re still searching for the perfect presents for your nearest and dearest, don’t …