The magic carpet of Mayfair

If you have a yearning to travel the globe in order to take in its most famous sights. You may be surprised to hear that you only need to head for one location Burlington Arcade in Mayfair. Although this prestigious Mayfair destination is usually renowned for designer shops and jewellers. Its newest addition also means that it’s a great place to see world famous sights.

The arcade has unveiled a new 180 metre long carpet which lies down the length of its famous runway. With a stunning greyscale design featuring 92 of the world’s most famous landmarks. Including the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Reichstag and the Sydney Opera House. In homage to its home, the carpet also has an incarnation of the iconic London skyline. Complete with a whimsical Mary Poppins figure hidden away in the design.

Created in collaboration by bespoke furniture and interior design company Linley and Royal Warrant-holding carpet manufacturers Britons Carpets. The new flooring truly is a must see for first time visitors and regular shoppers alike. London Mayor Boris Johnson even described the carpet as ‘magical’. Although, unlike Aladdin’s rug, it can’t take you flying into the sky. The Burlington Arcade carpet certainly can show you the world.