Choosing The Right Type Of Socialization For Your Pub Experiences

Meeting people has always been a great way to have fun, improve your mental health, and explore new adventures. Even today where we live in a digital age, people still actively seek genuine connections. Playing bingo was one way of making new friends back when people played in gaming halls. And now that the game is mostly online, reviews on best UK bingo sites show that people still use it to make friends. And how could they not when ingo operators have stepped up their game and now include live chats?

The pub scene was also a great way to meet people. But can you still do so in this age? And if so, how do you choose the right type of socialization?

Socializing at a Bar

By default, most people head to pubs to meet other people. So, they are more generally inclined to want to get to know you. Thus, making new friends should be relatively easy. You can choose among the following options:

Being the Direct Conversation Starter

We are all different. Some people take a while to warm up to new environments while others jump in, ready for what comes their way. If you prefer being direct, this also works. You can show up at the pub and start talking to the people there. On the upside, it shows your character and cements your personality as a bold one. But on the downside, not many people are willing to be this upfront. So, if this is not your vibe, do not force it.

Become a Regular

Do you want to ease into making friends? Becoming a regular is the best way to do it. Here is how it works. You show up at the pub and have a few drinks. Perhaps you engage in small talk with some of the regulars or newcomers. You pay your tab and leave. Then you show up again and repeat the same thing. Eventually, after a few show-ups, people will start recognizing you. And you will have an easier time being part of the crowd. Plus, you will be on your way to becoming a regular.

The upsides?

  • You will have enough time to gauge if you like the pub.
  • As you learn more about it and the people, you will feel more comfortable coming out of your shell.
  • Because people will have seen you often, they are likelier to trust you than if you showed up just one day.

The downsides? It takes a while to make friends using this method. So, if you’re hoping to find a best bud, it might take a few weeks or months.

Working at the Pub

The general route would be to bartend or serve drinks. But that is not the approach we will take here. How about taking your work to the bar with you? Find a nice spot and start tapping away at your keyboard. While it may seem aloof in other settings, it works wonders in pubs. You will have people walking up to you and asking what you do. Who knows? You might even find a client or investor in that pub! And it’s a great way to get people to come to you.

And the perks? It is a less direct way to meet people. So, if you are a bit shy when meeting new faces, this can help you warm up to the pub scene. Plus, you get to work on your tasks and could forge new connections.

The downsides? You might get so engrossed in the work that you miss out on fun pub scenes. Also, it’s hard to follow the game and bond over drinks when you’re eyeing your laptop.

Make Use of the Bar

Pubs have different settings. You can be at a table or you can be at the bar. Often, the people at tables are a bit more reserved and may not jump in on a conversation. They may be using this time to mull over things or hold a secret discussion. Thus, your interest in joining them might seem intrusive.

But the people at the bar? They go there for the conversation. They want to meet other people, talk about their lives, share jokes, etc. It is much easier to get in good with them.

And the advantages are that you can enjoy a drink and catch the game with these strangers who can soon become friends. We have no downsides to this.

Interact with the Bartender

Many pub regulars look at the bartender as their therapist. They talk about what’s going wrong in their lives, what they want to change, and their victories. So, the bartender is kind of like the head of this big happy pub family. And who better to go to than the head? Get to know the bartender over your visits. They will soon introduce you to the regulars and you will have an easy time blending in with them. After all, you will have the blessing of someone they trust!

When reviewing the socialization options, consider your personality. Are you bold enough to approach people? Or would you rather have them come to you? That will help you decide what best fits your pub experience.