The Allies on New Bond Street

If you’ve taken a stroll along New Bond Street recently. You may have noticed a rather captivating statue on your travels. This sculpture is one of the most iconic permanent features in Mayfair. Many of the residents and visitors in the area don’t know why it’s there, or what it represents.

An artist with dual nationality.

The statue, which is named ‘Allies’, was created in 1995 by Lawrence Holofcener, an artist with dual nationality. He was commissioned by the Bond Street Association to commemorate 50 years of peace in the area. It features lifelike bronze statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill. With their faces crafted into permanent smiles as they share a silent joke.

A reminder of the peaceful time.

Nowadays the Allies statue stands not only as a reminder of the peaceful time. It was designed to commemorate, but also a great photo opportunity for any tourists (or fun loving residents!) in the area. If you want a solo snap, you can nestle yourself between the pair and join their conversation. Or round up your group and get a great family shot as a memento of your time in the area.

A great area for shopping.

New Bond Street is a great area for shopping, dining, and relaxing too – but next time you’re nearby, don’t forget to stop by and say hello to the Allies!