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Flemings Hotel gets a makeover

Flemings Hotel Gets A Makeover

Flemings Hotel is a cute and quirky boutique hotel, tucked away in the middle of  Half Moon Street. It’s already popular with tourists and...

Mayfair Monopoly campaign garners support from MP

Mayfair Monopoly Campaign Garners Support From Mp

If you’re a regular Mayfair reader. You may remember our recent blog about the new campaign from Flemings Mayfair. They put the prestigious dist...

The £11.5k Murder Mystery in Mayfair

The £11.5k Murder Mystery In Mayfair

Flemings, a prestigious four star hotel located on Half Moon Street in the heart of Mayfair. Has launched an exclusive murder mystery night just...

Christmas meals in Mayfair

Christmas Meals In Mayfair

It’s that time of year again – the supermarket shelves are lined with traditional treats. You can’t walk into a shopping centre without hearing ...

Halloween celebrations in Mayfair

Halloween Celebrations In Mayfair

October is coming to an end and the spooky season is finally upon us! There are hundreds of different ways to celebrate Halloween in style in th...

Magic in Mayfair

Magic In Mayfair

People often refer to ‘the magic of Mayfair’, it is undeniable that there is something special about the area. However, a little extra magic was...