Magic in Mayfair

People often refer to ‘the magic of Mayfair, it is undeniable that there is something special about the area. However, a little extra magic was brought to the district this month. As world renowned magician and member of the Magic Circle Dynamo impressed the crowds of The Mayfair Hotel. With his amazing, logic-defying tricks.

Gained notoriety in London.

Dynamo,  real name Stephen Frayne gained notoriety in London and beyond last year. He stood effortlessly in the centre of the Thames, with no additional support. He continues to wow fans across the globe. Although many have tried to understand or disprove Dynamo’s magic. His skills remain an intriguing mystery.

Bring a little magic to the occasion.

If you’re hosting an event in Mayfair and want to bring a little magic to the occasion, there are local magicians in the area.  One such entertainer is Andy Field, who is available for weddings, corporate events and parties. He is sure to keep the crowd amused and astonished in equal parts.

Top notch dining.

To expand your event beyond the magician, try some of the spectacular locations in that Mayfair has to offer. Flemings and the famous Fox Club both offer top notch dining, but for a really special event. Why not take up residence in Dynamo’s luxury location of choice, The Mayfair Hotel?

No matter what the occasion, any celebration in Mayfair is sure to have a touch of magic.


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