Mercato Mayfair: Historic Culinary Haven in London

Have you ever dreamt of a destination where your taste buds can traverse the globe, tasting delicacies from diverse cultures without boarding a single flight? Imagine a locale in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities in the world, where every bite narrates a new story and every scent takes you to a different part of the globe. A spot where both quick snacks and sumptuous feasts with loved ones find their rightful place.

Welcome to Mercato Mayfair.

Mercato Mayfair: A Historical Gem Turned Culinary Heaven

Situated in the opulent surroundings of London’s Mayfair district, Mercato Mayfair is no ordinary food market. This unique venue harmoniously blends history, architecture, and gastronomy. Nestled within a Grade I listed church, this structure from the 19th century showcases the architectural elegance of times past. Deconsecrated in the 1970s, this grand structure sadly became merely a storage space.

Yet, 2019 brought a fresh lease of life. The hallowed halls of the church came alive again, not with hymns, but with the sounds of transformation. With great care and an eye for its heritage, the church underwent rejuvenation, setting the stage for the birth of Mercato Mayfair. A place that once echoed solemn prayers now brims with gastronomic vibrancy, still retaining the architectural beauty and spirit of its rich history.

A Culinary Epicenter

The founders of Mercato dreamt of a place where culinary traditions from around the world could coalesce seamlessly. Over time, Mercato Mayfair earned its reputation as an unparalleled gastronomic destination. It’s more than just food; it’s about the stories, culture, and traditions behind each dish. Both locals and tourists find an array of offerings that resonate with their palate.

Here’s a tidbit to mull over: although today’s air is rich with the aroma of international cuisines, the original purpose of the church was far different. Its bell, which remains intact, historically served not for religious rites but as a warning for the local community during fires or other emergencies.

Families, culinary enthusiasts, and professionals alike flock here. They seek flavours and experiences. The shared laughter of families on an outing, the in-depth reviews of food critics, and the awe of tourists discovering a new dish all contribute to the lively atmosphere of Mercato Mayfair.

Mercato is a Culinary World Tour And Here is a Glimpse of What Awaits

Mercato Mayfair is not just a market; it’s an experience that engages all your senses. As you step inside, the aroma of sizzling street food and the chatter of excited diners envelop you, setting the stage for a memorable gastronomic journey.

At Steamy & Co, lovers of Asian cuisine will find an array of dishes to savour. Soft bao buns, as fluffy as clouds, come with various fillings that tantalize the taste buds. The ramen here, with its deep, aromatic broth and perfectly cooked noodles, offers comfort in a bowl. Their dumplings, filled with the finest ingredients, ensure every bite is memorable.

Next, there’s Matcha Metropolitano. This spot is reminiscent of the tranquil tea houses of Japan. Here, matcha is not just a drink but an art form. Prepared with precision, each cup showcases the delicate flavours of authentic Japanese matcha.

Beer enthusiasts will find their calling at GermanKraft. Serving beers true to German traditions, each sip is a delightful experience. Whether you’re exploring the ground floor or wandering through The Crypt, you’re in for a treat.

Then, the vibrant energy of Spice Lab introduces you to the wonders of Malaysian street food. Known for its complex flavours, every dish here is a celebration of Southeast Asian cuisine.

When the mood for a sophisticated drink strikes, Rico Coco Cocktail Bar is the spot. With skilled mixologists crafting each beverage, you’re sure to enjoy a unique and refreshing experience.

Gin aficionados will be drawn to Jim & Tonic. With a selection of top-notch gins, each drink is a sensory delight, catering to both purists and those who love creative cocktails.

Blending the best of Asian flavours, Pad Thai House offers dishes that are both familiar and innovative. It’s a treat for those who love the fusion of East and West.

Yet, this is only the beginning. Mercato Mayfair is brimming with culinary offerings. From Italian delicacies and fresh seafood, to a quaint garden store for plant enthusiasts, there’s something for everyone.

Did You Know?

Mercato Mayfair not only serves you world cuisines but also teaches them. They host various workshops where you can learn to make your favourite dishes.

Think of Mercato Mayfair as your passport. No visas, no jet lag, just a culinary journey around the world, one bite at a time!

Getting to Mercato Mayfair

Now, if you’re wondering how to get to this foodie paradise, it’s a breeze! Mercato is located in the upscale Mayfair district and easily accessible by public transport. The nearest tube stations are Bond Street and Marble Arch. From there, it’s just a short walk, and you’ll find yourself at the entrance, ready for a culinary adventure.

Engaging the Community

Mercato Mayfair isn’t just about food. It’s about community. With spaces designed for communal eating, it encourages conversations among strangers, turning them into friends. The ethos is clear – food is the universal language, breaking barriers and creating connections.

In Conclusion

To call Mercato Mayfair just a food market would be a gross understatement. It’s a celebration of global cultures, a nod to London’s rich history, and a community space all rolled into one. It’s where food transcends its role as mere sustenance and becomes a medium of connection and joy.

So, the next time you’re in London and wish to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other, you know where to head. Because, as they say, why just eat when you can feast?


  1. Is Mercato Mayfair a historic venue? Yes, it’s a deconsecrated 19th-century church, blending history with culinary delights.
  2. How do I get to Mercato Mayfair? It is easily accessible by public transport, with Bond Street and Marble Arch stations nearby.
  3. What cuisines can I find at Mercato Mayfair? From Asian bao to Italian gelato, it offers a world tour of flavours.
  4. Does Mercato Mayfair host workshops? Yes, they offer workshops where you can learn to make your favourite dishes.
  5. What’s the community spirit at Mercato Mayfair? It fosters connections through communal eating and celebrates food as a universal language.


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