Mayfair’s Summer in the Square

Grosvenor Square is one of the Mayfair district’s most iconic locations. Rich in both history and green space, it’s a must see for any visitor to the area. This summer, however, Grosvenor Square will become even more exciting, as it plays host to Mayfair’s Summer in the Square.

Some world class entertainment.

The free event is an ideal opportunity for friends and families of all ages to get out and enjoy the sun. As well as some world class entertainment. The air will be filled with the sounds of a range of live music. From jazz and soul to classical musicians, as well as open air theatre and children’s entertainment. There will also be interactive activities, like yoga classes and dance instruction. Also a range of delicious food and drink available to keep everyone fed and watered.

Summer celebrations.

The event will run alongside the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is a great way of making sure that no one misses out on the summer celebrations. Sports fans can split their time between Grosvenor Square and nearby Hyde Park. Where the Games are being televised, allowing them to soak up the best of both atmospheres.

Summer in the Square event.

“With the Olympic Games, London is going to be bustling with activity this summer. Our Summer in the Square event will turn Grosvenor Square into a fun-filled alternative to the competition and ceremony of the Games.” Will Bax, Grosvenor’s Director of Mayfair, explained. “The free Summer in the Square event will help everyone in Mayfair celebrate the Olympic Games in style.”

Summer in the Square will be held in Grosvenor Square from 26th July until 12th August between 11am and 7-8pm.

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