The history of Grosvenor Square

Grosvenor Square is a well known garden square, nestled in the heart of London’s Mayfair. It is referenced in many aspects of literary and popular culture. From the plays of Oscar Wilde, where it provides one of the many settings in An Ideal Husband. To the BBC’s successful spy drama Spooks, where it served at the location for the CIA’s London office. However, the history of the square is just as interesting as the stories that it provides a setting for.

Aristocracy amongst its inhabitants.

Development of Grosvenor Square goes back as early as 1721, when it was one of the most fashionable places of residence. With several notable members of the aristocracy amongst its inhabitants.
Many of the houses were rebuilt and redeveloped over the 18th and 19th centuries. Including number 23, which was the home of the 11th Earl of Derby. It is considered to be some of the finest architectural work of the time.

American and British history.

Over the years, Grosvenor Square has been known as the home of American presence in London. During The Second World War, President Eisenhower established a military headquarters within the Square. The American Embassy was also situated there until 2008. Nowadays. The park also contains a nod to both American and British history. With a memorial for British victims of the September 11th attacks located in the eastern end of the garden.

Why not soak up some history.

The central square park was once only for use by residents. It is now managed by the Royal Parks, and available for any members of the Mayfair community and beyond to enjoy. Why not soak up some history and pay Grosvenor Square a visit during your next trip to Mayfair?


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