Scabal, situated at the prestigious number 12 Savile Row since 1972, epitomizes the pinnacle of British tailoring. This revered address has been the cradle of traditional and modern style suits, with Scabal weaving the street’s long-standing sartorial success into every garment it creates. The essence of Savile Row’s tailoring heritage is deeply embedded in Scabal’s […]

Cad & The Dandy

Cad & The Dandy

Established in 2008 by James Sleater and Ian Meiers, Cad & The Dandy has brought a refreshing disruption to the venerable world of Savile Row tailoring. Striking a balance between tradition and modernity, this dynamic company offers an innovative approach to tailoring, delivering designs that are both impeccably fitted and exude a modern elegance. It […]

Huntsman & Sons

Huntsman & Sons

Huntsman & Sons, located at 11 Savile Row in Mayfair, London, is a world-renowned bespoke tailor. Since its establishment in 1849, Huntsman has dedicated over 170 years to the art of crafting exquisite men’s suits. Renowned for their unrivaled craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and use of the finest materials, Huntsman has earned its esteemed […]


Cifonelli mayfair Store

Cifonelli tailoring is always evolving in all respects. Massimo and Lorenzo use a healthy mix of research and intuition to develop new ideas for custom men’s suits that fit into modern life. Consequently, stylish, modern apparel made with traditional workmanship is produced.The Travel, Gatsby, Qilian, Hunting, Preppy, Imperia, Nara, and Baikal collections, to name a […]

Maurice Sedwell

Maurice Sedwell Mayfair 1

It is not just the perfect fitting of cloth to the body which is the hallmark of Maurice Sedwell – it is that indefinable element of style. Every suit is individually designed, hand cut and hand tailored to the highest standard attainable. To achieve our level of perfection every customer experiences a three stage fitting […]


Huntsman Mayfair 1

Reigning supreme at the heart of London’s Savile Row, Huntsman has over 160 years experience of dressing success. Kings and Queens, stars of stage and screen, nobility and heads of industry are amongst our alumni of customers, the clothing we produce as unique and individual as they are. Huntsman’s bespoke clothing is hand cut and […]

Gieves & Hawkes

Gieves Hawkes Mayfair 1

The Bespoke Process. Nothing compares to investing and dressing in bespoke. The iconic style and elegance afforded by a bespoke suit is timeless. You gain the comfort that comes from a garment created especially for your body and requirements, the pleasure of owning a piece of supreme craftsmanship. Gieves & Hawkes bespoke tailoring blends the […]

Denman and Goddard

Denman Goddard

Denman and Goddard Ltd was founded in 1853 and was described as “Tailors and Drapers”. The oldest part of our company Shirt was founded in 1797 and traded extensively in Canada and The United States of America before being incorporated into Denman & Goddard Ltd. during the latter part of the last century. With its […]

Meyer & Mortimer Ltd

Mayer Mortimer Tailors

Meyer & Mortimer is located in Mayfair, at the centre of London’s bespoke tailoring heartland. With a highly skilled, highly trained and highly experienced team of specialists who ensure that our global reputation for bespoke tailoring excellence is maintained. Surviving records show that Jonathan Meyer’s company was making clothes for the Prince Regent and his […]


Rubinacci Mayfair

Founded in Naples in 1930, Rubinacci has a high developed sense of sartorial regional identity. Among the distinguishing characteristic of a Neapolitan tailored Rubinacci coat is the way that the shoulders are fitted. The shoulder seam is not butted but has the appearance of the shoulder seam of a shirt where the fabric of the […]

Ede and Ravenscroft

Ede and Ravenscroft 1

Sometimes you deserve to wear something out of the ordinary like an Ede and Ravenscroft bespoke tailored suit. Made from the best cloths which are carefully selected from around the world, our bespoke tailoring will perfectly fit your posture and build and complement your taste and style. Following traditional tailoring methods, used for over 300 […]

Richard Anderson

Richard Anderson Mayfair 1

Producing only the highest-quality garments, Richard Anderson clients have come to expect excellence as a given. Richard Anderson’s clientele – many of whom are leaders in their own fields – are uncompromising in their demand for quality. We are dedicated to producing the finest handcrafted British products for its clients. The company is living up […]