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Producing only the highest-quality garments, Richard Anderson clients have come to expect excellence as a given. Richard Anderson’s clientele – many of whom are leaders in their own fields – are uncompromising in their demand for quality. We are dedicated to producing the finest handcrafted British products for its clients. The company is living up to the vision held by its founders: to draw on the tradition and craftsmanship of Savile Row to create suits of life-long quality for modern men and women.
Customers recognise this dedication, and although the company travels abroad several times a year, many customers travel great distances to visit the Savile Row showroom. Richard Anderson draws discerning customers from all over the world to the English Institution that is . Creating a bespoke suit is an art that involves the active participation of the customer. We make clothes not just for the body, but for the man and his lifestyle. We take into account where the clothing will be worn and for what purpose, creating clothing that fits the lifestyle of the customer as well as it fits his physique.We take no shortcuts in creating our bespoke clothes; if the best process is hand-stitching, then we hand-stitch.
When creating the finest clothing to the highest standards on Savile Row, there is no point in doing aiming for anything other than perfection. From the earliest consultation through to the final fitting, the customer is constantly involved in the creative process; choosing style, patterns and details with our assistance and if required, guidance. The first suit requires three or four fittings; at each stage refinements are made to ensure that the final creation is the best it can possibly be.

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