Reigning supreme at the heart of London’s Savile Row, Huntsman has over 160 years experience of dressing success. Kings and Queens, stars of stage and screen, nobility and heads of industry are amongst our alumni of customers, the clothing we produce as unique and individual as they are.
Huntsman’s bespoke clothing is hand cut and crafted by our team of Row trained cutters and Ta, many of whom have worked with the company for several decades. Over the years, they have passed on their expertise to younger generations, ensuring the continued prestige of the brand and its craftsmanship. We have a long standing, international reputation for producing both country and business clothing, with the majority of customers opting for our signature, one button house style, with its trim waist, and neat, firm shoulder, resulting in an almost military silhouette. Each year we produce our own exclusive house tweeds and suitings. These are increasingly popular, our patrons subscribing to them year in year out, aware that wearing one of these distinct patterns is akin to membership of an exclusive club.
In addition to our bespoke service, Huntsman also offers made to measure and ready to wear tailoring. This is made in England to our exacting specifications. Each suit is individually cut by hand and features a fully floating canvas and extensive handwork throughout. All garments are finished out by hand on our premises, ensuring that each finished piece lives up to the Huntsman name.

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