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Could the Beckhams be moving to Mayfair?

The Beckham family have spent several years living in bustling celebrity hub Los Angeles, due to dad David’s soccer career. However, reports are now suggesting that the Beckham brood are on their way back to stay in the UK. Their new home could be located in Mayfair.

Looking for homes in Mayfair.

David and Victoria, and their four children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, were initially said to be looking to buy a property. They spent time looking at homes in Mayfair along with other upmarket areas such as Kensington and Holland Park. However, a source told The Sun Newspaper: “David still has a big interest in Major League Soccer and they both loved living in LA. They decided it wasn’t time to pay out on another hugely expensive property,” So the family are now searching for a house to rent instead.

Celebrity guests that often frequent the area.

The change of plan doesn’t rule Mayfair out of the running. Especially as the Beckhams are used to rubbing shoulders with the likes of royalty and the other celebrity guests that often frequent the area. However, the priority for the couple is that their children are happy and comfortable in their new surroundings.

Spending months researching schools.

“For David and Victoria, the children come first,” the source continued. “They have spent months researching schools and after visiting a few earlier this month, have found one they agree on. It’s an independent school and will not be fazed by having celebrity children on its books. Both David and Victoria’s families are all delighted too as a return to London. This means they will see so much more of the children.”

We wish David, Victoria and co the best of luck finding their new home and hope to see them in Mayfair sometime soon!

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