Controversial artist brings his work to Mayfair

Adel Abdessemed produces artwork that is not for the fainthearted. His previous pieces include sculptures of napalm attack victims. Crafted from mammoth ivory, images of Christ made from barbed wire, and a photographic portrait of him setting himself alight.

Get up close and personal with his pieces.

However, whilst his work has proved controversial. Many critics and enthusiasts from across hold Abdessemed’s artistic style in extremely high regard. Mayfair art fans and anyone else that is fascinated by his work will have the chance to get up close and personal with his pieces very soon. Because they’re about to arrive at the David Zwirner gallery on Grafton Street.

My work is extremely positive.

Abdessemed justifies his unusual and sometimes shocking displays, saying. “I want to question my audience’s intelligence and not to bore them, quite simply. And if I can succeed in doing that, that’s perfect.” He also argues that his work is not as negative as it is often portrayed to be. “My work is not pessimistic,” he says. “At the base of it there probably is despair. But inside it is the force to create, and if there is a creative force. Then that as an activity is something positive. My work is extremely positive – it is the world that is negative.”

A selection of pieces of Art.

In his UK exhibition, the focus will be on the British theme of empire. Including the coronation chair from Westminster Abbey sculpted from barbed wire. If you’re curious about Abdessemed’s work and want to see it for yourself. A selection of pieces will be on display at the David Zwirner gallery. Located at 24 Grafton Street in Mayfair from 22nd February until March 30th 2013. Opening times are 10am-6pm (Tues-Sat). Monday viewings are by appointment only.