Mayfair's finest establishments

5 excellent reasons to move to Mayfair

If you’re considering purchasing a property in Mayfair, you might be thinking of the pros and cons of moving here. There are definitely a lot of excellent reasons why you should move to Mayfair. Here are five of them to get you started.

Mayfair is located in the heart of central London and is renowned as being a playground for the rich and famous not only of the UK but also worldwide, but this exclusive and beautiful place has much more to offer.
From beautiful parks, streets, world-class restaurants, upmarket cocktail bars, boutique stores, and the multitude of historic landmarks, it is a side of London that everyone should experience.

1. Chic bars.

If you love the bar scene, you’ll find plenty to whet your whistle in Mayfair. With establishments such as The Fox Club and The Colony Club and Restaurant offering a range of tempting cocktails.

2. Fine-dining.

For fans of fine-dining, Mayfair has a plethora of restaurants to choose from. Mews of Mayfair is a popular, intimate choice for a business dinner or romantic meal for two.

3. Stunning architecture.

From beautiful Georgian townhouses to neoclassical belle époque apartment buildings. Mayfair is filled with stunning architecture, and one of these buildings could be your new home!

4. Wine merchants.

There are numerous renowned wine merchants in Mayfair. You will find knowledgeable, friendly staff who really know their stuff ready to assist you in choosing the perfect Sancerre or Pinot Noir.  For your next dinner party, try Jeroboams on Davies Street if you’re looking for something special.

5. Beautiful office space.

If you’re looking to rent office space in Mayfair, you’ll find a number of specialists. Carter Jonas LLP and the Executive Offices Group, who can help you hunt down the perfect office space for your needs.

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