Local Musician “Mayfair Lady” shares her Mayfair Highlights

London’s Mayfair has made such a strong impression on local Singer/Songwriter Grace that she chose ‘Mayfair Lady’ as her artist name! In this article, indie-pop artist Mayfair Lady shares her highlights of the area, her favourite local music venues and the places she can’t wait to get back to as lockdown 3.0 lifts…

What’s your connection to Mayfair and what inspired you to choose ‘Mayfair Lady’ as your artist name?

I have always been a fan of Lerner and Loewe’s musical ”My Fair Lady”, based on Shaw’s play ”Pygmalion”. As a little girl, I was fascinated by Audrey Hepburn (who interprets Eliza Doolittle) and her class and beauty, as she transforms from a simple flower girl into a Duchess at the hands of Professor Higgins. As a child, it seemed to me like a fairy tale story – the prince who turns the girl into a princess. Growing up, I understood that there is so much more to the original play and that Shaw, being a feminist himself, wrote the play to shed light on the misogynistic society he lived in.

I chose ”Mayfair Lady” as my artist name for both my love of the area and an anagram alluding back to ”My Fair Lady” which many people know and love. I plan to release a concept album and one-woman show in the future, which aims to re-interpret Shaw’s Pygmalion in modern-day London, focusing on themes of misogyny and classism in contemporary society.

What are some of the highlights of Mayfair for you?

I love the elegance and class of the neighbourhood. Whilst most London areas see change and expansion with the building of new skyscrapers, Mayfair remains untouched and therefore timeless. The many art galleries and museums of Mayfair preserve the area’s heritage while the numerous night clubs and restaurants attract the younger crowd.


When things open up again, which will be the first cafes, bars, shops you’ll visit?

The first thing I will do is go to The Lansdowne Club and have a glass of Champagne with my best girlfriends and perhaps a night out at one of the nearby clubs. I also plan to visit 45 Jermyn Street with my loving partner and order their famous delicious Beef Wellington. I have tried to make it at home but let’s just say it was not restaurant-quality!

A drink and a bite to eat at Caviar House on St. James’s Street is always so pleasant. The staff are so welcoming, plus I love seating by the bar and watching people walk by on Piccadilly. 

I’ll have to visit my favourite designer stores on New Bond Street and check out the latest collections. I love shopping and I find trying on clothes, shoes and accessories so much fun. I find it inspires my stage outfits. 

I will also have to have a look at the windows of jewellery stores, which have stored away their sparkling diamonds during the lockdown. 

I love luxury and high fashion but I also like small independent or less known brands as much as I love designer and haute couture. In fact, I always find myself walking into little boutiques, vintage stores and sometimes even charity shops. I used to be sceptical about thrift stores but I was amazed when I found some vintage dresses, including Valentino and Gucci, and also a pair of hardly ever worn Louboutin shoes in a charity shop. I probably left that shop the happiest customer ever, and it was truly guilt-free shopping!


When things open up again, which will be the first cafes, bars, shops you’ll visit?

More of a Soho venue, Ronnie Scott’s takes the prize for me. They always invite amazing musicians from all over and the quality of the shows blows me away every time. I plan to perform there as soon as possible.

I’ve had the pleasure to sing at various Mayfair Night Clubs, including Mahiki, Tramp and The Wellington Club. I like that these venues, which are more night clubs than live music venues, have started incorporating live music events, which bring more people to the venue and also support different independent artists, so it’s a win-win for everybody.

One of my most memorable performances in Mayfair was at the Royal Academy of Arts as part of their ”Oceania” Exhibition in October 2018. Though the RAC is not your typical music venue, I was honoured to play there.

Thanks to my partner, who organised the performance for me, I got the chance to play one of the most unique instruments in the world – a Steinway grand, by Michael Parekowhai. It is a ‘functional sculpture’ with carved wood, ivory, ebony and mother of pearl elements and took over 10 years to create.

‘Only very few get the chance to touch and play this magnificent piano, so being able to play it was a real honour and an unforgettable experience for me.


Reality Check (Single)

Mayfair Lady‘s music video for “Reality Check” is out now on Youtube – a multi-faceted emotional roller-coaster that moves from highs to lows to “Reality Check”. Listen to “Reality Check” here

Reality Check Video