Wedding Souvenir Ideas for 2022

Guests who take time to attend your wedding deserve some form of recognition, in a manner of thanks. Give them a gift to remember your special day, so it leaves a lasting impression on their mind. That’s the driving force for choosing wedding souvenirs or giveaways at this age. Gone are the days when couples pick anything cute. For 2022, the trend is to ensure that the item is something your guests will want to use and keep. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Stationery sets. Anyone could find a use for a writing set, especially if it comes in a pretty charming design. Personalised stationery gifts are a great idea because they are something that both men and women, kids and adults alike, could appreciate and find a use for. Choose them in the same design as your invite and thank-you cards, and it will put more meaning into the paper.
  2. Cactus and succulents. With more and more people adopting the green way of life, plant souvenirs prove fitting. You will mainly find that succulents are the ideal plant types for this purpose because they can bloom even indoors, and would be a decorative addition to your guests’ desk or centre table.
  3. Coffee packs. Who doesn’t love coffee? This generation has come to enjoy coffee beyond the instant variety. That’s why one of the most popular gifts options are beans and grounds in personalised pouches, or even freshly ground coffee packaged in instant drip bags.
  4. Leather-made luggage tags. If you have a destination wedding and you want to commemorate it with something that has to do with travelling, luggage tags make a good souvenir idea. They are useful, and they can be stamped with any wording that you like to signify their role in your event.
  5. Candle jars. Nobody could ever resist the soothing sensation that a good candle can provide. Use a personalised sticker for your initials or wedding hashtag, tie a festive ribbon, and they are already good for giving.
  6. Sweet treats. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat? Whether you pack candies, chocolates, cookies, or brownies, your guests will surely appreciate it. Since this is consumable and may be gone in 60 seconds or less, it does not matter. Your guests will still have positive memories of your wedding because you chose such a delightful gift for them.
  7. Wooden ornament. Weddings with a rustic theme may find various wooden ornaments as witty ideas for a wedding giveaway. You will never get short of wonderful wooden souvenir ideas, from a nice pair of chopsticks to planter tags and wall decors. They come with such a lovely appeal, and you can even have your initials etched on them.

You must be practical when choosing your wedding souvenirs. Apart from simply marking the start of your life as a husband and wife forever, you should also think about your guests, the people you are giving them to. Consider what may be useful for them or worthy enough to keep.