10 Unique Wedding Ideas To Wow Your Guests

Whether you are planning a huge celebration or an intimate gathering, every couple wants their wedding to stand out. Every relationship is unique, then why choose common decor, food, and other elements for your big day? 

That being said, adding custom touches to your wedding doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In this post, we’re sharing easy ways to personalise your wedding and delight your guests. Let’s dive in.

Make Your Wedding Invitations Fun

A plain ivory wedding card with gold lettering is elegant but conventional. Why not make your wedding cards match your personalities? You can commission a graphic designer to create a one-of-a-kind illustration for your wedding card. You can also repurpose this for sending the invitations.

Get Creative with Placeholders

Placeholders are a small but important detail that helps guests find their dinner seats and prevent any confusion. While you can go for printed or handwritten place cards, this is an opportunity to do something special. You can get names carved on pebbles or napkin holders. If you are planning a Christmas wedding, we suggest creating placeholders out of baubles. 

Custom Bottle of Wine

Are you planning to change your last name at the UK Deed Poll Office after the wedding? Whether you are taking your partner’s last name or coming up with a combined name, you can use your married name to customise wine bottles and gift them to your guests. It’s the perfect party favour!

Create a Signature Drink

There’s no better way to make your wedding celebration memorable than a signature drink. You can talk to the bartender and concoct a drink to commemorate your nuptials. And don’t forget to pick a fun name! It could be a pun on your married name or anything close to your heart.

Consider a Food Truck

Traditionally, couples host a sit-down dinner for their guests. However, if you are not keen on serving your guests a light entree followed by a main dish, there is a better alternative out there. We suggest getting a food truck for your wedding! You can consider a food truck serving pizza, Tex Mex or BBQ. This also gives your guests plenty of options to choose from.

Skip Traditional Guestbook

Guestbooks are a charming idea, but people often forget to fill them out. Instead of a traditional guestbook, you should create a video guestbook. Ask your videographer to record messages from guests.

Get Disposable Camera

You’ve probably hired a wedding photographer and videographer for your big day, but what about candid shots? We recommend going old school by placing a disposable camera on every table and asking guests to click pictures throughout the night.

Do a Costume Change

The wedding outfits are one of the most exciting parts of your wedding. But who said you have to settle for just one outfit? You can pick a dress for the wedding and change into a fun jumpsuit or tuxedo for the reception. 

Give ‘Em a Show

Whether you or your partner are musicians, it’s a great idea to turn your wedding into a private concert. Put up a show for your guests! On the other hand, if you’re not musically talented, you can learn a choreographed routine for your first dance. 

Leave-In Style

Your departure from the wedding reception should be just as fabulous as your entrance. Rent a classic car or any other wedding vehicle that matches your style. You can also drive over to a scenic location with your photographer to capture some cinematic shots in your stylish ride.

The Bottom Line

It’s a well-known fact that wedding planning can be extremely stressful. Hopefully, the aforementioned tips will help you discover some new ideas you can incorporate into your wedding.