3 Precious Moments in London

London is a multifaceted city; lots of precious experiences are waiting for you there. But the range is so large that it is difficult to decide on just a few options. Most visitors have only two to seven days to experience this precious place, so there is no other way than to make a small but fine selection. We have 3 recommendations for an unforgettable stay in a city that never sleeps.

The Breathtaking View From The Shard

One exclusive highlight in London is the view from the Shard, the tallest building of the city and, until January 2020, the entire European Union. It is 310 meters high and has a really striking pyramid shape with strong effects on the skyline. The inauguration took place in February 2013, the final height was reached in March 2012. The builder is the former fashion manufacturer and current real estate investor Irvine Sellar. The Shard has 72 floors and is completely glazed with 11,000 panes of glass.

The whole glass facade totals 56,000 m². The viewing platform occupies floors 68 to 72, it is 1,500 m² in size. The Shard Plaza on the first floor is filled with plants and cosy seat seating. Above is located at 460 m² area with stores and direct access to the London Bridge station. But on top of it is most beautiful: There is no chance to get a better view over the city than that. Enjoy the view at sunset – you will never ever get this sight out of your head. Just have a look at the brilliant photos on view from The Shard

A Visit to the Most Luxurious London Casino

The most luxurious London casinos are – how could it be otherwise? – situated in Mayfair. A really outstanding one of them is the Palm Beach Casino, which calls itself “an icon of Mayfair for over 50 years”. It is a highly exclusive entertainment destination with a warm, comfortable atmosphere and excellent customer service. Non-members are always welcome but don’t forget to wrap yourself in high-quality evening wear. And: Bring your rules knowledge up to date beforehand. On casinos, you find a lot of digital providers for your virtual training. The website serves as a comparison portal and thus as a guide for people who need help in making a solid decision. It lists e.g. the best South African online casinos in 2022, chosen by an expert team. You also get detailed casino reviews and important payment method information.

Prepared like this you will have a fun time in the Palm Beach Casino, enjoying the thrill at the poker table and, afterwards, a sparkling glass of champagne at the bar. Don’t forget, this venue also offers you a fine restaurant, led by the award-winning Executive Chef Mahmud Zaman. Gourmets get the best of Indian and South African cuisine, complemented by delicious international dishes. Have a look at the Palm Beach casino menu.

An evening at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater

The Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is one of those outstanding locations in London you really have to see. It is located near London Bridge, on the banks of the Thames. That is approximately the same place where the original theatre burnt down. Moreover, it is an exact replica of the old open-air theatre built-in 1559, where many of Shakespeare’s original plays were performed. There you can learn all about the world-famous writer and the 16th-century-world he lived in. It is easy to book an online ticket beforehand to join a guided tour – or a luxurious trip with original English afternoon tea and a glass of prosecco to finish.

In London, it is quite easy to watch one of the famous Shakespeare plays: Open-air productions e.g. take place all summer long there at the Shakespeare’s Globe Theater. Dry weather and sunshine are not needed for it. In the West End, there are also some Shakespeare’s productions, we recommend the shows at the Barbican where the Royal Shakespeare Company shows its talent. Just join in, cry at the tragedies, laugh at the great comedies. If your interest in Shakespeare is now aroused, we recommend travelling to Stratford-Upon-Avon, the birthplace of the great poet. There you will experience the beginning of a unique career.