The Big Difference Between Video Poker and Slots

When you enter a casino and see a gaming machine, chances are that it’s either video poker or slots and upon first glance, you won’t be able to tell the difference. Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who gets confused with these two. In fact, a lot of players have mistakenly identified these two games from the other. It’s easier to distinguish them at online UK casino sites since they are properly named or categorized.

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at these two machine-operated games which have been constantly played in most gambling hotspots and locations around the globe. And even though these two games may look the same, the fundamentals of each are totally different which will be discussed later on so you would know which one to play based on your gambling preferences.

Video poker

This game may look like any other machine that you would see in a gaming club but its fundamentals are definitely different. This is actually one of the main dissimilarities between these games because players are given the opportunity to make a decision or use a strategy which could greatly affect the result of the game. Your decision as the player will be the basis of the outcome of your session because you can decide on certain factors.

  • The cards: You can primarily choose what cards to hold and draw when you’re playing this game which will be the major factor if you get to win the game or not.
  • The machine: You can choose which machine to use because each machine offers a different payout system and you need to select which you think would be most profitable or rewarding to for you.
  • The wager: This game allows you to decide on how much you are going to wager because most of these machines offer a bonus when you play the maximum betting amount and you get a royal flush with your hands.

Another notable feature is that these machines offer more constancy in winning by using an effective gambling strategy and choosing a good pay table. This may take a lot of practice and dedication though but scientifically speaking, this is possible. If you’re willing to learn a good strategy and have the perseverance to win then this game is the better option for you. Here, luck is not just the basis for the outcome of every game since you have the power to alter it with your decisions.

Slot machines

This is a game wherein a player cannot do anything to alter the outcome of a session. You are not allowed to make any major decisions so you’re basically depending on luck. Choice is only allowed for selecting how many reels to play since these coin-operated machines offer multiple reels. The logic is that you get to win more if you choose to play the maximum number of reels but the bottom line is you are still playing based on luck. Sure you may be allowed to choose which machine to use but in reality, most of these machines have the same payout rates and even if they do vary, the difference is very minimal. But there’s one thing that this game has that cannot be beaten by its coin-operated counterpart and that’s the progressive jackpot. This machine game offers a progressive prize that accumulates and gets bigger and bigger until a player hits the right combination. Once the jackpot prize is won, the prize is reset to the original amount and will start to accumulate again for every session that nobody hits the jackpot combination.

Another reason why this game is also better for other players is the fact that you can simply enjoy the game without stressing yourself. With these machines, there are no strategies or techniques involved so there is no need to pressure yourself of thinking about what to do or which one to choose since everything is based on luck. If you lose on a particular session then it’s ok and you don’t have to blame yourself for making a wrong decision since the results can never be affected by anything anyway. This is the perfect choice for someone who wants to play without thinking too much and just has a great time at the gambling den.


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