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Westminster Parking Charges Spark Opposition

Westminster Parking Charges and Fines

According to a recent survey, more showy supercars get penalised for poor parking in Westminster than anyplace else in the UK. Inconsiderately parked Bugattis, Rolls …

Hair Salons

Joe’s Salon in Mayfair the only salon user of SACHAJUAN

Joe Mehmet of Joe’s Salon is happy to welcome the SACHAJUAN haircare brand to his salon: “We were approached by the brand as they wished …

Luxury watches in Mayfair
Luxury Goods

Luxury watches and timepieces in Mayfair

Luxury watches come in all shapes and sizes and are as useful to small children as they are too grown men and women. Mayfair’s selection …


Impeccable service at Mayfair’s Pharmacy

In addition to the designer boutiques, prestigious perfumeries and rare antiques that populate the exclusive Shepherd Market in Mayfair, Pharmacy (at number 6) serves as …

Bespoke cleaning services in Mayfair Jeeves
Cleaning Services

Bespoke cleaning services in Mayfair: Jeeves

For over forty years, the Mayfair cleaning firm Jeeves has implemented the very best in dry-cleaning techniques, to ensure a superior finish and cleaned garments …

Art galleries
Art Galleries

Art galleries in vibrant Mayfair

Different paintings, sculptures, ceramics and textiles from all over the world can be found in Mayfair’s art galleries, which possess a wealth of traditional, rare …