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Bespoke cleaning services in Mayfair: Jeeves

For over forty years, the Mayfair cleaning firm Jeeves has implemented the very best in dry-cleaning techniques, to ensure a superior finish and cleaned garments that look better than ever. Meticulous care and attention goes into each item of clothing cleaned, with seven inspection stages and the removal and re-stitching of buttons and jewellery, customers are sure to receive the very best results.

Established as a cleaning service catering primarily to Westminster’s high-society, Jeeves’ growing popularity caused it to branch out to curtain cleaning, shoe and luggage repair, as well as garment alteration and much more. Each service is distinct, with extensive measures taken on each job, Jeeves solidified a reputation for inimitable, high-quality service, catering even to HRH the Prince of Wales.

Jeeves has long been associated with fine quality repairs and dry-cleaning. Many of the haute couture boutiques Mayfair and the rest of London list Jeeves as the recommended cleaner for their pieces. Jeeves has a well-deserved, trustworthy reputation, with so many prestigious designers and fashion houses advocating their services.

For special garments, such as antique dresses or even wedding dresses, customers are encouraged to contact Jeeves’ Couture Manager, responsible for deciding on which course of action would be best for each individual item of clothing. This extraordinary bespoke service delivers high-quality results comparable to none. For the utmost in dry-cleaning finery or to make used items look like new, Jeeves should be your only stop.

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