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How to take your cannabis experience to the next level

How To Take Your Cannabis Experience To The Next Level

Using cannabis products has become a common practice nowadays as more people want to test out and enjoy the numerous benefits that the world-re...

Class action – how to get the most out of your classes

Class Action - How To Get The Most Out Of Your Classes

Students spend most of their days in school. They attend lectures, complete homework, and participate in classroom discussions. Or do they? It ...

Back to School – How to Prepare for the New Term

Back To School - How To Prepare For The New Term

For the overwhelming majority of students, a new term is about a fresh start. It is a unique chance to get together and, improve your grades, b...

The Majority of Prisoners Needing Drug Abuse Treatment on Release Don’t Get it

The Majority Of Prisoners Needing Drug Abuse Treatment On Release Don’t Get It

Drug use among offenders is a big problem in the UK. Between one-third and one-half of people entering prison are estimated to be problem drug ...