How to take your cannabis experience to the next level

Using cannabis products has become a common practice nowadays as more people want to test out and enjoy the numerous benefits that the world-renowned cannabis plant is said to provide. There’s certainly no shortage of options for those who want to take the leap: from cannabis oils and tinctures to cannabis seeds, buds, pre-rolls, edibles or beauty products, the range of cannabis-based products and services has expanded tremendously in recent years, covering all needs, preferences and budgets.

However, despite the impressive and sometimes overwhelming number of options that one can choose from, users can sometimes fall out of love with cannabis, either because the products they consume no longer provide the same level of satisfaction or their cannabis routine has become dull and unexciting.  

If you’ve reached this point and you miss the good ol’ days when using cannabis was fun and thrilling, here are a few tips that can help you rekindle the dimming flame and boost your cannabis experience. 

Try something new 

If you’ve been using the same products and haven’t changed anything in your cannabis routine for years, it’s no surprise you don’t feel the spark anymore. If that’s the case, it might be time to throw a bit of variety in the mix by purchasing brand-new new cannabis products. The cannabis market today is much more diverse than it was just a few years ago, so you can choose new products from your preferred category, or you can be adventurous and dive into categories that you’ve never tried before. 

You can explore the budding luxury cannabis niche, or introduce cannabis accessories into your routine for a change. Doing this little experiment will help you keep things fresh and interesting in the long run. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover some new favourites if you push yourself to get out of your comfort zone and explore different cannabis brands and goods.   

Get in the kitchen 

When it comes to consumption methods, most people choose vapes, joints, pills, edibles or topicals to enjoy their cannabis. But have you tried cooking with cannabis? And no, we’re not referring strictly to the classic weed brownies that everybody knows and loves – although you can bake away all day if that’s your thing. 

But if love a good challenge or you enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, you’ll be happy to know that there are tons of cannabis recipes you can try, from the already famous cannabutter that can be used in a variety of dishes to more sophisticated foods such as cannabis plant pesto or weed ice cream. Whatever your culinary preferences might be, these dishes are bound to delight all your senses. 

Take up gardening 

Wondering what gardening has to do with cannabis? Well, there’s a pretty clear connection between the two. Instead of shopping for cannabis products, you can grow your own cannabis plants from autoflowering seeds. Don’t worry if you’re not exactly a green thumb. You don’t need advanced botanical knowledge and gardening skills to grow cannabis in your garden.  

The process is not complicated and there are many detailed guides on growing cannabis out there that can take you through all the steps you need to follow, from planting and tending to harvesting. So, if you happen to have a patch of land where you can grow cannabis from seeds, this is a great way to enjoy a much more fulfilling and immersive cannabis experience.  

Visit a cannabis dispensary 

However, if getting dirty in the garden is not exactly your cup of tea, maybe a trip to a cannabis dispensary can do the trick. As competition in the cannabis industry has gotten fiercer, many retailers have started focusing on improving customer experience. This led to the emergence of a new category of cannabis dispensaries that provide unique shopping experiences for their clients. 

A visit to such a dispensary will give you the opportunity to talk to the staff that can answer all your cannabis-related questions and help you choose the best products for you, use interactive display stations, test out all sorts of interesting products or create personalised routines. Even if you come back home without buying anything, it’s still going to be a fun experience. 

Start journaling 

Journaling is a very popular method for improving mental health, but it can also help you make the most of your cannabis experience. By writing down your thoughts on the products you try, consumption methods and all the things you experience throughout your cannabis journey, you’ll be able to identify patterns, spot issues and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. There are no rules to journaling, so you can use whatever style and method you prefer. Some people prefer to make quick notes every day, while others like to write longer entries every now and then. 

Keep on learning  

As a final piece of advice: always stay canna-curious! Even though research on cannabis has increased substantially over the past few decades, providing new insights into the characteristics and potential health benefits of this mysterious plant, scientists have barely started to scratch the surface. There is a lot we still don’t know about cannabis, which means there are many things left to be discovered as research continues. 

Staying up to date with the latest discoveries in the field and focusing on expanding your knowledge will help you gain a better understanding of cannabis, so you can make more informed decisions regarding the products you choose to consume. 

Wrapping up 

When it comes to cannabis consumption, needs and preferences vary widely from one person to another. But anyone can optimise their cannabis experience by keeping an open mind and being willing to try new things. So, if you’ve run out of inspiration, these tips can provide a great starting point for making your cannabis journey a bit more exciting.