New film brings summer to Mayfair

Movie fans in Mayfair were in for a treat earlier this week when the London premiere of Summer in February took place at the Curzon Mayfair. The film tells the romantic, dramatic story of the life of artist Alfred Munnings. It is set in the picturesque valley of Lamorna and has been the subject of plenty of praise from critics so far.

His impressive two stone weight loss.

The film stars Dominic Cooper as Munnings, Emily Browning as his first wife Florence. Dan Stevens, of Downton Abbey fame, as her lover Gilbert Evans. Dan, however, was the star of the show at the premiere thanks to his impressive two stone weight loss.

Different costumes and different sizes.

“I’ve lost about 30lbs since New Year, which in British terms, is about two to three chins,” he joked. “It was for a role. It’s always me, just different incarnations. Different roles, different costumes and different sizes.”

Immersed themselves in Cornish culture.

When asked about this role as Gilbert. Dan explained that he and his fellow castmates had immersed themselves in Cornish culture. “We were living in the same hotel they all lived in and drinking in the one pub in the village where they all drank, The Wink, so I think it’s fair to say we threw ourselves into the Cornish spirit,” he said.

Summer in February will be available to view in Mayfair’s cinemas from June 14th – we recommend booking your ticket, pronto!


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