Discover the Vibrant World of Art at PAD London

October is a month when London truly comes alive. With a fresh autumn breeze in the air, the city is a hive of activity for art collectors, curators, and aficionados alike. It’s not just about Frieze; it’s about PAD London as well. Celebrating its 15th edition, PAD London has evolved from a humble event into a pulsating hub for 20th-century and contemporary design, along with collectible jewellery. Just like a gardener tends to every plant, nurturing it to full bloom, founder Patrick Perrin has cultivated PAD London into a sanctuary of boundless creativity and innovation. Whether you’re an art consultant, a museum expert, an interior designer, or someone who just loves to feast their eyes on beautiful things, this fair is the place for you.

Fun Fact: PAD London was originally conceived in Paris in 1997 before making its London debut a decade later. It moved its London location to Berkeley Square in 2016 and has since been an annual staple in the city’s design calendar.

What is PAD London? The Jewel in London’s Cultural Crown

For the uninitiated, PAD London is an annual fair showcasing both 20th-century and contemporary design as well as collectible jewellery. More than 60 galleries from across the globe participate in this event, offering a wide variety of art pieces. This fair isn’t just a market; it’s more like a dynamic exchange where ideas, inspirations, and art forms meet. Much like a river meeting the sea, PAD London is where different creative currents converge, offering a unique and enriching experience to all its attendees.

PAD London 2023: What to Expect

Estimated Turnout: A Gathering of Enthusiasts

Considering its popularity, it’s not surprising that the fair boasts an estimated turnout of between 5,000 to 20,000 visitors and 100 to 75 exhibitors. That’s a lot of people and a lot of art under one roof!

Unveiling Excellence: 75 Exhibitors at PAD London Await

Column 1Column 2Column 3
David Gill Gallery88-GalleryAmmann // Gallery
BoghossianCarpenters Workshop GalleryChahan Gallery
Elisabetta CiprianiStéphanie CoutasFlorian Daguet Bresson
Neha DaniDumonteil DesignDutko
Patrick FourtinThomas Fritsch – ArtriumGallery Fumi
Galerie GastouGDJ Design / New Hope GalleryHemmerle
JCRD DesignGalerie KreoGalerie Jacques Lacoste
Laffanour / Galerie DowntownThierry LemaireThierry Lemaire
Gallery LVS & CraftMaisonjaune StudioMaison Parisienne
MarcelpoilMelchiorri Studio GalleryGalerie Meubles et Lumières
ModernitySarah Myerscough GalleryNilufar
Objet d’Emotion by Valery DemureObjects with NarrativesOpera Gallery
Ormond EditionsPortuondo ParisGalerie Melissa Paul
Galerie PhiliaPortuondo GalleryPriveekollektie
Raphaella Riboud-SeydouxWilly RizzoAchille Salvagni Atelier
Adrian SassoonGalerie Scène OuverteSecret Gallery
Side GallerySpazio NobileGlenn Spiro
TaffinElie TopStefanidou Tsoukala Gallery
UnforgetRose UniackeHervé van der Straeten
Von VertesVikram Goyal x NilufarWaddington Custot
Galerie Maria Wettergren

The New Wave: Fresh Faces in the Gallery Line-Up

PAD London 2023 promises an interesting mix of galleries, with 13 newcomers adding fresh perspectives to the event. Whether you’re into contemporary design, glass and ceramics, or collectible jewellery, there’s something for everyone. If you’re eager to explore contemporary design, don’t miss the galleries from India, Switzerland, and Belgium, including notable names like Galerie Philia and Objects With Narratives.

More than Just Art: Cutting-Edge Exhibits

This year, look out for innovative displays, such as the duo exhibition “(un-)controlled,” featuring gravity-defying wooden furniture and awe-inspiring bronze lighting pieces. There is also an exhibition called “Gravity and Grace,” focusing on brand-new onyx works from various international designers. These thoughtfully curated booths push the boundaries of what design can be.

How to Attend: Making Your Way There

If you’re pondering how to get to PAD London 2023, rest assured, the journey is straightforward. The fair is held in a distinctive black tent venue situated in Berkeley Square, in the heart of London’s posh Mayfair district. The location is exceptionally well-connected, offering several convenient transport options. The nearest tube station is Green Park, serviced by the Jubilee, Piccadilly, and Victoria lines, and just a brief stroll will take you from there to the venue.

For bus enthusiasts, the routes that stop near Berkeley Square include the 9, 14, 22, 38, and C2, giving you a wide array of choices for your journey on London’s iconic double-deckers.

If you’re planning to drive, remember that Berkeley Square, being in the elegant Mayfair area, falls within the Congestion Charge Zone. That means a daily fee applies if you’re motoring through between 07:00 and 22:00 from Monday to Friday. There are several nearby car parks, such as the Carrington Street Car Park and the Grosvenor Hill NCP Car Park. Given that parking in Mayfair can be both costly and limited, it’s advisable to reserve your space ahead of time.

Upon arrival, get ready to be entranced by a fascinating world filled with 20th-century and contemporary design, as well as collectible jewellery. Your senses are in for a real treat!

Conclusion: A Confluence of Innovation and Tradition

PAD London is not just an event; it’s a celebration of art, design, and human ingenuity. Its 15th edition in 2023 reaffirms its pivotal role in the world of design. From gathering a staggering range of artists and designers to providing a platform for emerging talent, PAD London embodies a vision of what the world of design can be—a space of endless creativity, innovation, and above all, a place for everyone. It’s not just a fair; it’s a beacon for the design world, illuminating the path for future generations of artists and collectors alike.


  1. What is PAD London? – An annual art and design fair showcasing creativity in contemporary design and collectible jewellery.
  2. When is PAD London 2023? – Dates and details can be found on the official PAD London website.
  3. How do I get to Berkeley Square? – Easily accessible by tube, bus, or car; check local transport options.
  4. How many exhibitors are at PAD London? – Around 75 exhibitors from various galleries participate.
  5. What can I expect at PAD London? – Innovative design exhibits, a mix of galleries, and a celebration of artistry.


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