Dobrik & Lawton Open Store at 31 Savile Row

With its inauguration on 12th April 2021, bespoke tailors Dobrik & Lawton open the doors to their store at 31 Savile Row, Mayfair London.
As formally trained tailors of the world-renowned street, it made sense for Kimberley and Joshua to return to Savile Row to open their first store. The space will showcase the bespoke duo’s signature architectural monochromatic pieces, cut and made in London using traditional craft tailoring techniques. “I am delighted to be back home on the Row and to insert our brand within the history of the street. We’re the youngest bespoke tailors to have opened a store here in 52 years.” Kimberley Lawton, Director & Cutter “The London craft tailoring scene has started seeing a new wave of young makers with fresh ideas. It’s an incredible time for our trade and we’re excited to be at the heart of where it all started.” Joshua Dobrik, Director & Cutter

Dobrik & Lawton was founded by two Savile Row cutters and is a forward-thinking bespoke house. It pushes the boundaries of typical Savile Row suiting by combining traditional techniques with a contemporary couture aesthetic. With a love for Art Deco and the avant-garde, our creations have a modern touch combined with echoes of historical elegance. A team of carefully selected craftsmen and craftswomen, all experts in their respective fields, work to create the finest bespoke pieces for the entirety of one’s wardrobe, from suiting to nightwear.

Joshua Dobrik studied medicine in France before changing his career path to become a cutter. This scientific background has enabled him to expand on traditional techniques, by combining anatomical knowledge and methodological testing of pattern manipulation theories to develop a more technical approach to cutting. He trained for several years under master cutter Edward Sexton, where he developed his eye for lines, silhouette and balance, before moving to world-renowned Savile Row bespoke house Huntsman, where he and Kimberley met.

Kimberley Lawton first acquired her skills in garmenting at college in Yorkshire, whilst studying fashion design and pattern cutting, before moving to London for her degree. Whilst studying Bespoke Tailoring at London College of Fashion, she won the Upcoming Design Talent Award and the Shaftesbury PLC Tailoring Award for her BA degree. She graduated with First Class Honours. She began her tailoring career at Huntsman, where she further developed her skills in cutting over the course of a traditionally-structured apprenticeship under the Head Cutter and Creative Director