The Most Expensive Shoe Brands

Over the last years, there has seen a huge evolution in fashion trends, and by fashion we mean those styles that go beyond just clothes, so it can be extended to shoes, jewellery and even hairstyle.   London’s best area for shoe shops or fashion is in the luxurious Mayfair.

Best Shoes in 2020

Every fashion trend has also an impact on society. For example, one of the biggest trends of the 50s’ was wearing hats and it even extended to the poker world with Amarillo Slim, and Doyle Brunson wearing a cowboy hat on their head during the poker games.

In this way, shoes are also a part of our everyday life. Even people who say they are not interested in shoes, shoemaking or shoe fashion will still have several pairs of footwear. They’ll have shoes they wear at home (slippers or similar), everyday shoes, walking boots, trainers for the gym, and dress shoes. There are even shoes we don’t wear on our feet. We put shoes on horses to protect their hooves and even use a shoe for cards when we play blackjack.

However, none of these compares to some of the most expensive shoe brands around in 2020. Wearing any of these will help to set you apart from your friends, as long as you can afford to pay for them.

luxury shoes for any occation

Alexander McQueen

Founded in 1992 by the legendary fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen from Lewisham, this fashion house has a reputation for creating controversial pieces that are designed to shock the fashion world. McQueen himself spent a large part of his career designing costumes for theatre performances, and this influence can still be seen in the clothing produced today.

McQueen’s designers have certainly kept that in mind with their stunning $1,645 wedge shoes that are wrapped in jewels. The brand is regularly seen at major events like The British Film Awards, The Brit Awards and The Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Christian Louboutin

Everyone knows Louboutin and its famous red soles. Founded in 1991, the fashion house continues to churn out classic stilettos from its base in France. The company now generates annual revenues of more than $300 million. 95% of this income comes from shoes, of which it sells around 700,000 each year.

The recently launched “Sexy Strass” will set you back more than $3,000 for a pair. These shoes will certainly get you noticed, as they’re encrusted all over with Swarovski crystals.

Louis Vuitton

It’s not just women’s shoes that will set you back though. The men’s Manhattan Richelieu released by Louis Vuitton in 2010 will set you back at least $10,000. They’re still a popular style though and have enjoyed a comeback this season.

They’re handmade from waxed croc cowhide and produced with a vintage style. This comes together to create a timeless shoe that is unmistakably Louis Vuitton. It has all of the hallmarks you expect – a hand-painted leather sole, a lining made from soft leather, and intricate stitching.



Another classic brand that is instantly recognised around the world. Gucci has a much longer heritage than most, dating back to 1921 in Florence, Italy. It has 278 of its own stores around the world and generates close to $5 billion of revenue every year.

It recently launched a one of a kind boot for women, made from woven leather. It’ll set you back almost $4,000 though. If you need something a little less pricey, its $1,200 Sofia Etoile Shoes, an elegant stiletto with a sweeping cross pattern, will also make sure you look the part.

Stuart Weitzman


If none of these shoes had enough 0s in their price tag for you, then what about the $3 million Rita Hayworth Heels from Stuart Weitzman. Available to only a very select few, a pair of these will certainly set you apart.

$3 million is not a unique price for the brand though; it has at least seven other pairs that will cost you more than $1 million to buy, including the $1.6 million Ruby Slippers and the $2 million Cinderella Slippers. Some might say that this is a lot to pay for some footwear, but can you really put a price on being a princess?

The House of Harry Winston


You can still spend more than $3 million though, although they’re not technically from a shoe brand. For $3.01 million you can get the Ruby Slippers from The House of Harry Winston. These are a replica of the shoes worn by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, and were released in 1989 to celebrate the film’s 50th birthday.

They’re covered in 4,600 pieces of ruby and 50 carats of diamond and have only ever been worn by Judy Garland.

So if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, you have plenty of options to choose from.


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