The Best British Tailoring

They say a magician never reveals his secrets, but a gentleman never reveals his tailor.

Magically encompassed in the munificent Roman roads of Mayfair, Savile Row, a landmark of British tailoring, has been serving gentlemen of City jobs and the highest class since the 1700s.

This handsome 270-metre road of opulence and success is sewn together by the common goal of tailoring garments to the highest quality.

For either the bar or the boardroom, a Mayfair tailor will transform you into a man of conviction, power, and celebrity.

Pinstripe, herringbone, houndstooth; a tailor can concoct the perfect potion of suit patterns to create a bespoke garment that will wear a man, perfectly manufactured like a Swiss-made watch, with the same durability and class.

The selection of vibrantly coloured ties and pastel shirts, placed on the backdrop of mysteriously shadow coloured suits light up Savile Row like a New Year’s firework display. As you stroll past the confident shop displays, inside you will see world-class tailors working their magic, creating only their best by hand, with tape measures hanging around their neck not nearly as long as the client list waiting for that sought after the appointment. During your visit to them, or their visit to you depending on how important you are, you can expect to be romanced by a selection of textiles to choose the base of your new garment. Once chosen, you will be summoned by the tailors magic wand, the measuring tape, that will take over 60 measurements from you to bound together that perfect, made to measure fit that Savile Row is famous for. You can expect to be quizzed further on an array of specifications, including; lining, cuffs, buttons, pockets, and accessories. Upon completion of your appointment, you can hope to collect your metaphorical suit of armour in roughly 8 weeks.

world-class tailors

In an ever-evolving, technologically advancing world, this craft has served countless gentlemen for over 250 years and shows no sign of degeneracy. Savile Row is living proof that a well-grafted suit will never die.

A gentleman may never reveal his tailor, but you certainly know where to find him.