How Did Mayfair and Its Surrounding Area Become Associated With Casinos?

Mayfair is renowned for being one of the most exclusive and expensive places in London and, indeed, the world. Because of its high credibility, it has become associated with places and pastimes of the exceedingly affluent. When casinos first came about, they were renowned for their exclusivity and lavishness, which is how the west London area initially became associated with them. While casinos have evolved into all-encompassing places that exist both offline and online, players can still visit the Mayfair establishments for a sophisticated gambling experience.

Casinos Used to Encapsulate Exclusivity

One of the earliest casinos ever was Il Ridotto, which opened in Venice in 1638. It was solely for privileged people and the stakes were extremely high. The idea that this was a pastime for the aristocracy spread quickly across Europe throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, and elite gambling houses cropped up across France. Casinos were traditionally adorned with luxurious splendour, making them the perfect locations for the upper classes to mingle and feel at home.

During the rise of casinos across England’s neighbouring countries, Mayfair was growing into an area specifically for the upper classes of London for shopping as well as entertainment. This is clear in the number of longstanding grandiose streets throughout Mayfair such as New Bond Street which has been an established shopping area for luxury brands.

When casinos finally made it to England, they were wholly found in west London where the most prosperous people were based. Crockford’s opened on Curzon Street in Westminster in 1823 and is still renowned for being one of the most upmarket clubs in the country. Arguably the most extravagant of all the west end casinos, though, is Les Ambassadeurs Club, founded by John Mills in 1941. The grand casino featured in the first-ever James Bond film, Dr No. Viewers were still learning about the MI6 spy’s character at this point and showing him in such a high-class casino reflected his elite status and success.

Technology Has Changed the Game

Nowadays, the casino industry demographic has widened massively. There are still casinos in places like Mayfair and Monte Carlo that only cater to the upper classes, but most places are doing their utmost to attract as broad a range of clientele as possible. This is mainly down to the fact that the online casino industry has grown at such an incredible rate. It should be noted, though, that while attracting a more diverse clientele the sites are still able to offer a tailor-made experience that makes every player feel elite.

Online casinos are quite different from their traditional, land-based ancestors due to their use of technology. Nowadays, they are sprawling entertainment sites that offer a diverse range of experiences. At Betway there are numerous roulette options from European to multiplayer. It has a similarly extensive range of blackjack offerings as well. On top of the classic table games, online slots have undergone a major overhaul and there are diverse genres available. In addition to all the classic casino games like these, the site also offers eSports markets so that users can enhance their watching of popular gaming events. This extensive library-style is now prevalent in the entertainment industry and can be seen with subscription services like Google Stadia, and Playstation Now, as well as multi-platform offerings such as EA Play.

It is clear from looking at casinos with library catalogues like this that the casino industry has grown and morphed into something much bigger. Indeed, it is unrecognisable compared to the early gambling houses that were once exclusive to the upper classes.

Novelty of Posh Casinos Still There

The fact that most people are now playing online hasn’t hindered the reputations of the poshest casinos in the world, though. If anything, it has made them even more of a novelty. Some players who have developed a love for casinos online may be drawn to go to some of the spots that started it all and led to the thriving industry that exists today.

Entering a place like Les Ambassadeurs Club in Mayfair can make players feel as though they have been transported back in time. Some of the aspects that made this one of the finest establishments for the aristocracy in the 20th Century still stand strong today. It still has the grandiose chandeliers, carpets, and tables that were used back in the days of strict casino exclusivity. The architecture and décor look incredible, and it continues to be considered the epitome of indulgence.

Mayfair gained an association with casinos back in the days when the gambling houses were exclusively for the privileged. Despite the industry opening up to a much wider demographic, online casinos are still able to replicate this luxuriousness in their live offerings and page design. However, players who want to experience the finest surroundings can still go to play in lush Mayfair spots like Les Ambassadeurs Club.