The Best Things to Do at Night in Mayfair

Mayfair is one of the most elegant neighbourhoods in London and is situated in the borough of the City of Westminster. This central London neighbourhood is bordered on the west by Park Lane, which neighbours Hyde Park; lined on the south by historic Piccadilly; on the east by Regent Street; and on the north by Oxford Street.

Mayfair is one of the poshest neighbourhoods in London and offers lots of high-end boutiques and gourmet-cuisine-serving restaurants and there are lots of mansions. Below is a look at some of the best activities you can do at night in Mayfair

Visit a casino

Although you can visit an online casino if you want to engage in gaming from the comfort of your hotel room, when in Mayfair you may wish to check out the casinos in the area. The Palm Beach Casino, one of the most popular in London, is situated just a couple of minutes from the Ritz and is open until 5 am each day. The casino offers American roulette, blackjack, baccarat and video slots. For those who want that touch of exclusivity, high-stakes gaming is also available.

Dine as if you were at one of the elite clubs of India

Gymkhana restaurant, on Albemarle Street, is inspired by the elite clubs of India. Members of high society would eat, drink, socialise and play sport in these clubs. If you want to experience some of the finest Indian cuisine around and also a touch of exclusivity, Gymkhana is the restaurant for you. This Michelin-starred restaurant offers classic and contemporary Indian food. It’s floors are inspired by the residential mansions of Kolkata and Pondicherry.

Let your hair down at Bloom Kensington

Bloom Kensington, on Kensington High Street, has proven itself a worthy replacement for the popular Mahiki Kensington. This two-storey nightspot and bar which opens until 3.30a m has taken a relaxed approach to the dress code and to guestlist entry. People who opt to join the guestlist can enjoy reduced entry price. Bloom Kensington gets things going from around 5 pm with cocktails and snacks and ends with a secret dancefloor that’s revealed every evening. The neon signs, cosy booths and geometric tiles all help to make this a stylish place to let your hair down in Mayfair.

Gaze at the wonder of St James’s Palace at night

Believe it or not, St James’s Palace, on Marlborough Road, was originally a hospital. Henry VIII built over the site in the 16th century and much of the original red-brick building has survived to the present day. Today, St James’s Palace is still a working royal palace. If you’re in the right place at the right time, you might even spot a royal. This exquisite palace is a sight to behold at night, which is a good time to come to avoid the crowds. Although you’re less likely to see a royal at night, it’s not completely unheard of.

Take a dance class at Danceworks London

The Danceworks London Mayfair school on Balderton Street offers walk-in dance classes for people of ages, levels and abilities. The school boasts seven studios puts on classes in all styles and has been doing so since 1982. Each week, there are 120 drop-in classes. Not only does the school provide classes, but also workshops and masterclasses by well-respected dance artists and companies. Why not drop in one evening and see if you can shape up your dance skills for future evenings on the dancefloors of London’s nightspots?

Visit the Royal Institution

The aim of the Royal Institution, as a charity, is to connect as many people as possible with science. As part of that endeavour it has blessed Mayfair with one of the most interesting venues in London. The institution puts on talks, discussions, family-friendly shows and more to educate the general public about science. Visitors who attend have the pleasure of listening to some of the world’s leading thinkers.

Play crazy golf at Swingers

A night in Mayfair doesn’t have to be all sophistication and glamour. You can go out and have some fun with some good old-fashioned crazy golf at Swingers. This venue on John Princes Street offers two courses: the rollercoaster-themed Helter Skelter and the fairground-themed Big Wheel. If you’re the competitive type or even if you just fancy a challenge, you can study the course on the website to either determine how to play the holes or to decide which one will provide you with the best challenge.

Mayfair is a stylish, elegant neighbourhood renowned for luxuriousness and spoils you with things to do. Try the activities above and you can have a fantastic evening in Mayfair.


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