Best Antique Dealers in London

The antique industry is one of huge variety. Priceless pieces are handled by low-level market traders, to collectors, to the most respected galleries in the world. For the uninitiated, it can be a confusing and intimidating world. Discover below the best antique dealers to start with, in the best place to buy antiques in the country: Mayfair.

Priceless Art at the David Aaron Dealership.

The David Aaron dealership is in the 3rd and 4th generation of the family business. They have an excellent reputation dealing in ancient art from cultures from all around the world. David Aaron can also provide fantastic consultation services for prospective and experienced collectors. They have worked with some of the most prestigious galleries in the world, such as the Louvre and the Art Institute of Chicago. Explore their gallery on Berkeley Square to look over their fantastic collection.

Stunning Silver Artifacts with Pash and Sons.

Pash and Sons began in the 1920s as traders in London’s West End. Today they have grown to become one of the most respected antique dealers in London. They have a strong reputation for their silver artefacts and pride themselves on their value, quality, and reliability. Pash and Sons’ collection shows real variety arising from their multitude of prestigious contacts in the antique world. They can be found at South Audley Street.

Find Rare Antiques in Michael Backman’s Collection.

Michael Backman is a dealer of rare antiques. He specialises in Asian tribal and colonial artefacts and prides himself in providing museum-quality goods. All of Backman’s antiques are sourced from European collectors. Michael Backman’s dealership is trusted by 25 of the most significant museums in the world, including the British Museum. These 25 museums have bought 150 pieces from this dealership in just 8 years. Head over to Hannover Street to find a range of historically significant antiques.

Decorative Art by Joshua and Raphael Sinai

Sinai & Sons Antique Dealers is run by Raphael and Joshua Sinai. They make use of their extensive experience dealing with antiques in New York. Raphael worked with iconic auctioneers Christie’s for 7 years and Joshua worked with one of New York’s best dealers. They specialise in decorative pieces from America and Eurasia dating from the last 200 years and can be found on South Audley Street. Give them a visit if you are looking for something a little different.

English Heritage at Ronald Phillips Ltd.

If you are looking for something a little more English, then Ronald Phillips Ltd. is perfect for you. They specialise in 18th century and Victorian antique furniture. Ronald Phillips Ltd. has worked with pieces from some of the 18th century’s most treasured designers, such as Matthew Boulton, Robert Adam, Thomas Chippendale, and William Linnell. Take their fantastic collection in at their Bruton Street gallery.

The Best Place in the Country to Hunt for Antiques.

Mayfair undoubtedly has one of the highest concentrations of expert antique dealers in the world. You can find anything there, from ancient art to English furniture. If you are in the market for excellent artefacts, start your hunt at Mayfair.