Luxury Home Upgrades that will Elevate London Living

If you want to increase the value of your home, then you need to take into account the area you live in. Sought-after upgrades for properties in London will be very different to those in Manchester or Leeds, for example. If you want inspiration for elevating your London living space while adding value to your property, this is the guide for you.

A Gourmet Kitchen

There are 80 Michelin-starred restaurants in London, a testament to the innovative and exciting dining scene. Restaurants include Hélène Darroze at the Connaught and Humble Chicken. You also have niche restaurants, such as The Ivy, that have a particular theme. This helps to shed light on London’s diverse melting pot of culture. With London being such a hub for different cuisines, having a gourmet kitchen is one worthwhile upgrade. People in the area tend to have a keen interest in quality dining experiences, so when renovating your kitchen, opt for natural woods such as oak and walnut. 

Adding stylish hardware and bespoke cabinetry is also a good way to add luxury elements, as well as choosing quartz, marble or granite for the countertops. If you have space, kitchen islands are a good way for you to add multi-functional space, with a small bar built-in for entertainment purposes. Wine fridges can be added to keep expensive wine at the right temperature, with glass storage and decanters on display for extra elegance.

Smart Upgrades and Entertainment

Unsurprisingly, London ranks at the top when it comes to gambling cities in the UK. With over 54 casinos, the luxury entertainment sector is quite strong. You have Les Ambassadeurs near Mayfair and Crown London Aspinalls too. One way to elevate your living space would be for you to invest in tech and entertainment. With online casinos becoming more popular, a large TV and sound system would make playing Lightning Roulette live casino game variants such as Prestige roulette and Quantum roulette much more immersive. Smart systems with convenient features such as voice-activated controls are also deemed to be luxurious and therefore are a great investment. 

Smart security systems, lighting, thermostats and sprinklers are also very sought-after upgrades as we move through the age of automation. Consider garage door openers and automated controls for blinds and drapes too. If you have room, a home cinema is always a top feature, especially if combined with smart elements as people can control the ambience of the room without having to leave their seats. With the London cinema scene thriving right now, providing the same experience at home is bound to impress.

Outdoor Space

Other upgrades include a space suited to outdoor cooking, with a stone pizza oven or BBQ area. Bear in mind that UK weather can be temperamental, so overhead shelter is crucial when exploring these kinds of renovations. When constructing an outdoor cooking area, give some thought to seating. With the UK being prone to rain, it’s wise to opt for weather-resistant materials when renovating your home.

Work surfaces should be made out of hygienic porcelain, and hard-oiled wood. Power and plumbing are also important, and need to be taken into account, to ensure that the space is usable year-round. If you want to have an outdoor cooking area then weather-proof storage could be an ideal solution for storing utensils and cooking equipment.

When choosing cooking equipment, high-quality appliances should be your priority. With the UK having a lot of wind, it can be difficult to maintain cooking temperatures, especially when cooking on BBQs. High-quality appliances made out of ceramic or thick stainless steel can maintain cooking temperatures much more efficiently, even on cold, yet bright days.

When it comes to layout, having enough space for side tables is essential, as well as seating and shaded parasols. If using outdoor cooking equipment, give thought to any charcoal fragments, or ash that may come off the BBQ or grill, as if this is next to cotton cushions then this could end up being a fire hazard.

If you want to improve your quality of living in London then smart upgrades that put a focus on convenience and entertainment are always worth exploring. Additionally, having a gourmet kitchen with a walk-in fridge and eloquent dining space is ideal for those who want to get the luxury experience at home.