Weddings I Do are a team of professional wedding photographers based in Mayfair, who will create a unique collection of pictures from your big day, for you to cherish forever.

An innovative team of designers will meet with each prospective client for a cup of tea and a chat. This helps the client decide whether the team is right for them and it also gives the photographers a clearer idea of what the client desires. Following this, the team can produce a selection of photographs exactly as the client imagined. Bespoke services such as this require imagination and huge attention to detail.

In addition to the client’s wishes for the day, the photographers will also suggest various ideas, drawing on a wealth of experience in the field.

The personal touch is paramount at Weddings I Do, and this is explained further by team leader Scott Collier: “Imagine that you’re a bird, sitting in a tree, watching your event unfold.What do you want that bird to see? How would you like your friends to talk aboutwhat they experienced? What do you want them to be saying?“

Your answers to these questions will have a specific influence on what I see through the viewfinder and how I represent your vision through the medium of photography. When I take those photographs of you, your family and friends, I will capture images the way you want them. I will not only know what kind of photos you like – I will understand the mood and atmosphere that those photographs need to portray, representing the occasion in a form that corresponds with your vision.”



16th April 2020
16th April 2020
16th April 2020
16th April 2020
15th April 2020

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