Amazonico Mayfair: A Culinary Journey Awaits

Nestled in the heart of London’s exclusive Mayfair, Amazonico Mayfair stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering a journey into the depths of South American cuisine. Since its grand opening on 9th November 2019, this restaurant has captivated the palates of Londoners and international visitors alike, presenting an experience that transcends the ordinary boundaries of dining. This article invites you to delve into the world of Amazonico Mayfair, where each dish is a story, and the ambience is a canvas of the vibrant Amazon rainforest.

The Enthralling History of Amazonico

Amazonico Mayfair, located at the prestigious 10 Berkeley Square, is more than just a restaurant; it is a vision realised. Its inception was driven by a passion to bring the diverse and rich culinary traditions of the Amazon to the bustling streets of London. Drawing inspiration from the Amazon River’s meandering journey, Amazonico offers a culinary experience that mirrors the river’s life-giving energy and diversity.

The restaurant’s foundation lies in celebrating the cultural mosaic of Latin America. It’s not just about Brazilian food; it’s about encapsulating the entire Latin American spirit. From the Amazon rainforest’s lush greenery to the vibrant street life of Rio de Janeiro, Amazonico is a tribute to the richness of South American culture.

Fun Fact: Amazonico’s location at 10 Berkeley Square has a historical significance, previously housing prominent institutions and frequented by notable figures in London’s history.

Ambience and Style of Amazonico: A Tropical Escape

Stepping into Amazonico is like entering a different world. The rainforest ambience restaurant transports you straight to the heart of the Amazon. The décor is an intricate blend of natural elements and opulent touches, creating an atmosphere that is both exotic and luxurious. The layout of the restaurant is a journey in itself, starting from the lively bar at the entrance, leading through a cosy lounge, past a bustling sushi counter, and into the main dining area with its private dining room.

This setting is not just about visual appeal; it’s an integral part of the Amazonico experience. The lush greenery, the subtle sounds, and the warm lighting work together to create a sense of being in a tropical paradise. This is a place where the hustle and bustle of London fade away, leaving diners enveloped in an enchanting dining environment.

Culinary Delights: What Food Does Amazonico Serve?

At the heart of Amazonico Mayfair’s allure is its menu, a masterpiece of culinary diversity. The restaurant offers an array of exotic cuisine, each dish a testament to the rich gastronomic heritage of South America. The menu is a blend of traditional recipes and contemporary innovation, showcasing the best of Brazilian fusion London gastronomy.

The cuisine at Amazonico goes beyond the typical Brazilian fare. It’s an exploration of the entire South American continent’s culinary landscape. From the Argentine parrilla to Peruvian ceviches, each dish is a celebration of flavours. The restaurant’s chefs, masters in their craft, use only the freshest ingredients, ensuring that each meal is not just food, but an experience to be savoured.

Signature Tastes: Most Famous Dishes at Amazonico

What sets Amazonico Mayfair apart in the Mayfair restaurant scene is its array of signature dishes. These creations are not just meals; they are a journey through the diverse flavours of South America. The restaurant’s most famous dishes are a blend of traditional techniques and innovative twists, creating a menu that is both familiar and novel.

One of the stars of the menu is the Brazilian-inspired grilled meats, cooked to perfection and infused with the rich, smoky flavours of the Amazon. Seafood lovers will be delighted by the fresh and vibrant sushi and ceviche options, a nod to the coastal culinary traditions of the continent. Each dish is a celebration of Amazonico’s commitment to bringing the authentic taste of Latin America to London, making it a must-visit destination for any gourmet enthusiast.

A World of Flavours: Types of Wines at Amazonico

Amazonico Mayfair is not just about food; it’s an all-encompassing sensory experience, and their wine selection is a testament to this. The types of wines they provide are as diverse and carefully curated as their menu. From the lush vineyards of South America to the renowned wine regions of Europe, each bottle tells a story. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a casual enthusiast, the wine list at Amazonico offers a journey through some of the world’s most exquisite flavours. Paired perfectly with their dishes, each sip complements and enhances the dining experience.

Why You Should Visit Amazonico Mayfair

There are countless reasons why Amazonico should be at the top of your list for Luxury Dining in London. It’s not just a meal; it’s an immersive journey into the heart of South American culture. The fusion of traditional flavours with contemporary culinary techniques makes Amazonico a standout in the Mayfair Gourmet Experience. The unique atmosphere, combining the vibrancy of the Amazon with the sophistication of Mayfair, creates an unforgettable dining experience. It’s a place where each visit can be a different adventure, yet consistently delightful.

How to Get to Amazonico Mayfair

Located conveniently in Mayfair at 10 Berkeley Square, accessing Amazonico is a breeze. The restaurant is a short walk from Bond Street Underground Station, easily accessible by the Elizabeth and Central Lines. This central location makes it an ideal destination for both Londoners and tourists looking to indulge in a unique dining experience. Whether you’re coming from a day of shopping, a night at the theatre, or a stroll in the park, Amazonico awaits to transport you to a world of culinary wonders.


In the bustling, cosmopolitan streets of London, Amazonico Mayfair stands as a jewel of culinary excellence. It’s more than a restaurant; it’s a gateway to a gastronomic adventure that captivates and delights. From the enchanting ambience that echoes the Amazon rainforest to the myriad of flavours offered in its diverse menu, Amazonico provides an experience that goes beyond dining. It’s a place where every meal is a celebration of life, a fusion of culture, and a journey through the rich culinary heritage of South America. For those seeking an extraordinary dining experience in London, Amazonico Mayfair is a destination not to be missed.


  1. Q: What makes Amazonico Mayfair unique? It is a fusion of exotic ambiance and diverse South American cuisine.
  2. Q: Can I find vegetarian options at Amazonico? Yes, Amazonico offers a variety of vegetarian dishes.
  3. Q: Is Amazonico suitable for special occasions? Absolutely, it’s perfect for celebrations and romantic dinners.
  4. Q: Does Amazonico have a wine pairing service? Yes, they offer expert wine pairings with their dishes.
  5. Q: How do I reserve a table at Amazonico? You can book via Amazonico London Reservations online or by phone.


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