10 Restaurants in London to Visit on a Student Budget

When in London, it’s not that easy to choose a place to eat as the range of cafes and pubs is extremely wide. Here, you can find anything: Vietnamese canteens, a Jewish bistro, Albanian eateries, as well as luxurious Italian and French restaurants.

Given that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, a dinner in an exquisite place can cost you hundreds of pounds. But what if you are a student with a limited budget or just came to London as a tourist? No doubt, you certainly want to get amazing emotions and delicious food without spending all your savings at once. Therefore, the question is: what are the best places to eat on a budget?

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Let us start with a place offering you great steaks and beers. Sounds like a perfect dinner on a rainy day, right? Wetherspoon is surely different from other London pubs. Why is it an exception? The Wetherspoon chain buys old pubs and makes them part of the network, leaving their originality and introducing more affordable prices. If you’re lucky enough, you may find a steak and half a pint of ale for £10.

Little Wu

A Chinese buffet is certainly a cool opportunity for students to eat on a budget. At Little Wu on Wardour Street in London’s Chinatown, you get unlimited sets for £7 and plenty of hot Chinese dishes. A large glass of green tea will cost about 50p. And all this in the very center of London!


Prêt-a-Manger, or simply Pret, is a British healthy fast food chain. No artificial flavours, just healthy, low-calorie, and freshly made dishes. Here, you can get thick soup, excellent sandwiches or wraps, and coffee to warm up before a long walk. Read about the ingredients on the café’s website if you are on a special diet or just want to ensure everything suits your taste.


We may be tired of extremely popular places, but sometimes they offer wonderful deals. Salad or large sandwich + coffee (the cheapest is Fresh Filter Coffee, £1.55) will cost you £4-5. Plus, the atmosphere at Starbucks is perfect for creativity. Many complete their web design projects there, write books or just finish school assignments. Thus, this café may be a place to find like-minded people or get some inspiration.


When your budget is limited, and you want to refuel yourself with calories till the end of the day, why not head to McDonald’s? It’s a perfect option for all students who want to save but still not be hungry. For £4-5, you can get a cheeseburger, fries, and some hot tea.

The Lounge Cafe

The Lounge Cafe is a small, cozy eatery that is rated higher than some fashionable restaurants. According to popular reviews, the place is an excellent choice among existing budget restaurants in London. Of course, you will surely appreciate the convenient location (15 minutes walk from Wembley Stadium), relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and low prices. 

The Golden Chippy

Looking for great fish and chips? Then you definitely need to go to The Golden Chippy. In this charming place, you will choose between the main national dishes of England without spending too much. 

As for fish, you can go for cod, sea bass, and shrimp. As for flounder, haddock, or stingray, they cost a little more. Chips are large sliced French fries for £1.8 or £3, depending on the size. And be sure to try the local pies. They come in different variations: beef and kidneys, chicken and mushrooms, the famous Cornish pasty, and others.


Looking for a tasty and inexpensive meal in central London? Check out this pretty café next to the Transport Museum and Somerset House. For a couple of pounds, you can enjoy excellent salads, seasonal fresh juices, and toasts with avocado, smoked salmon, grilled halloumi, etc. As for the interiors, you will surely feel the peaceful Scandinavian vibe. 

Melt Room

The building that houses the Melt Room today was once home to Soho’s most famous pizzeria. There is certainly something magical about this location, as all cafes situated here offer incredibly delicious food.

By that, we mean not only sandwiches. How about pork shoulder with mustard, ale, apple chutney, and cheddar? Or maybe portobello mushrooms with thyme, roasted peppers, and Italian provolone cheese? The menu also has fish and chips – it is served with tartar sauce and mozzarella.

Terry’s Cafe

Terry’s Cafe is the life work of a chef named Terry, who was born before World War II. He opened the place in 1982. Since then, the popularity of the café has grown thanks to its simple yet warm atmosphere.

At Terry’s, there are always the best family recipes and high-quality products. Plus, they are all local. The meat is from London’s Smithfield Market, where Terry worked before opening a café, while the vegetables and fruits are from the Borough Market. Now, Terry’s business is continued by his son Austin. 

Indeed, after visiting such places, it’s easy to start dreaming of opening your restaurant one day.

To Wrap It Up

And the last but certainly not least option to eat on a budget is to have a picnic in the park. The only condition for it is relatively warm weather, preferably from April to October.

Buy yourself a salad, sandwiches, a couple of apples and a bottle of water at the nearest Tesco supermarket. Then, settle down in one of London’s stunning parks. Once you find yourself on a bench or right on the grass under old oaks, you will quickly fall in love with the city! And you may even feel like a Londoner who often spends their lunchtime under the shade of trees instead of in a noisy café.