2022’s Best Orange Wines to Buy in the UK

Orange wine is truly unique among wines. Naturally, grapes form the main ingredient, but the process of making these wines is different. By brewing the wine with the skin of the grapes and their seeds, the iconic orange colour is created. Not only do orange wines look different, but they also have their own distinct taste. They are nutty, woody, and bold wines with a touch of sourness.

Pure Wines offers an excellent range of some of the best orange wine brands in the world. All of them are naturally sulfite-free and use biodynamic winemaking techniques. Read on to discover the intense flavours on offer with Pure Wines.

Orange 2020

Cueva Orange is an orange wine created from Tardana grown on clayey-calcareous soils in their own vineyards.

The harvest takes place later in the year when the grapes are at their ripest. When the grapes arrive at the winery, they are macerated for 5-6 days with the skins. When the fermentation is finished, it is stored in stainless steel deposits for three months.

Cueva Orange is an orange wine that is both strong and refreshing. Its extended maceration with the skins gives it a lot of body and a very fruity flavour. It has a robust, highly fresh mouthfeel with an exquisite bitter aftertaste that lasts for a long time.

Rufia Curtimenta 

This blend contains 30% Siria, Cerceal Branco, and Bical, as well as 10% Encruzado. The inherent leanings of the grape types provide a fresh saline mineral flavour, some modest grip and texture, and jasmine tea and white tea aromas from skin contact. This natural wine has a spectacular balance of tannins, acidity, and dryness.

One of the most popular orange wines available at Pure Wines shop is Paleokeriso. This partially sparkling yet dry wine is made in Ioannina, Greece. Inspired by the grapes native to the region, the wine features white grapes with a touch of red to give a slightly darker colour than other orange wines. The sparkles compliment the drinkable and sweet flavours, sitting in contrast to the dry finish from the citrus peel notes. It is no surprise that Paleokeriso comes with the tagline “nectar of the gods”.


Joy 2018

The best-rated orange wine sold by Pure Wines is Joy, created in 2018 by traditionally-minded Mariano Taberner. 15 years of artisanal winemaking experience is on show with this rose-tinted orange wine. Two varieties of white grape native to the Utiel-Requena region of Spain are macerated with their skins for eight days. Then the distinct rose tint is given by adding a small amount of the red Bobal grape. The result is a wine with a distinct colour and an incredible citrus punch you will not find in any other wine.

 The most premium orange wine available through pure wines is Blanc Agité, originating from the Jura region in Eastern France. This wine uses a combination of Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes. The latter, not to be mistaken with Savignon, has given the Jura region its reputation. The use of the Chardonnay grape gives Blanc Agité a translucent and yellower appearance than other orange wines. Blanc Agité translates as ‘White Waves’, a clear warning of the bold and intense flavours of this wine.

Orange on Leaves Pét-Nat

 Pure Wines are always bringing new and exciting wines into their range. Their intensive search for orange wines has been rewarded with the uncovering of this pet-nat orange wine from Moravia. The Czech winemaker Petr Korab has innovated orange wine by using pet-nat processes to make this orange wine sparkle. But that is not all, the grapes are initially macerated with vine leaves alongside the grape skins. The result is a complex wine with strong flavours and aromas of mandarins, citrus peel, and tea.

Where to Buy Orange Wine in 2022

2021 is an excellent time to try out new orange wine brands. Winemakers around the world have spent the last few years advancing the process of making orange wine. Why not sample the fruits of their hard work? When you decide to acquire some orange wine, be sure to go through the quality wine retailer Pure Wines. They sell the most striking orange wine brands in the world.