The Most Popular Districts in London

Known as the city of contrasts, London is at the same time one of the most intriguing, unique, and beautiful places in the world. Rich history adds to its importance, beautiful palaces and gardens give it soul, spectacular theaters, pubs, and restaurants secure proper entertainment, while football clubs and stadiums make it home to world-class sporting events (if you need tips for these you can check London based popular betting tips portal bettingTips4you). London’s size makes it hard to explore in only several days, but if you ever find yourself in the English capital, make sure to pay a visit to the beautiful districts we are about to discuss in the following lines. You just can’t find these districts anywhere on the planet. They are characterized by heart-warming parks, eye-catching architecture, and breathtaking views. Stay tuned and enjoy the list.

Hampstead Heath

The first synonymous with Hampstead Heath is CS Lewis’ magnificent work “The Chronicles of Narnia”. CS Lewis best described the entire beauty of the area packed with 791 hectares of forestry land. Nature is pretty much everywhere around you in this district and it is one of the city’s most beautiful open places. It is just tailor-made for jogging, cycling, or easy walk tours either alone or with your family/friends on a nice sunny day. The area’s flora and fauna make it a true gem where many people dream of living. Nevertheless, the prices of properties in this district are appropriately hefty meaning only the luckiest/richest can get such an opportunity.

Holland Park

Holland Park is located in the “Kensington Royal Neighborhood”. This sounds attractive when you hear it, but the reality is even more remarkable because this district indeed offers some outstanding sceneries similar to those you see in romantic movies.  The place is known for its balloon rides during the summer months as well as amazing apartments (each having its park) made of the most beautiful walls. Holland Park is home to Shepherd’s Bush and Notting Hill (some of you will immediately recognize the connection to the popular movie). Women will enjoy the high-class shopping, while couples can have late dinner at fancy high-end restaurants. We also need to mention charming cafes and inevitable street food.


Bermondsey used to be the country’s industrial centre back at the time. It has been packed with old factories, storage, and ships for quite some time. Nonetheless, it has completely shifted its nature to become a new centre of modern and urban life in London. Bermondsey is now home to contemporary business centres and apartments that attract a young and elegant population. The highly popular Bermondsey Street will conquer you with bars, pubs, and restaurants suited for anyone’s tastes and wallets. The district is spectacular on so many levels with its sweet antique markets, tasty food, and breathtaking views of Shard and Tower Bridge.


You will recognize Highgate for its unique houses surrounded by trees all over the place. The feeling you will get once you arrive in this neighbourhood can be compared to the entrance to Marry Poppins. While it has plenty of similarities to the aforementioned Hampstead Heath, Highgate is still unique for its sensational views and sights. This district is often regarded as London’s centre of creative art. Highgate houses some of the most notorious theatre shows in the United Kingdom. We must not forget to mention Waterlow Park, packed with 20 hectares of cafes, tennis courts, walking paths, and even ponds. Last but not least, we can’t even discuss Highgate without mentioning one of the most fascinating cemeteries in the country. The fact that the great Karl Marx was entombed there says enough. Lastly, we have to mention Greenwich, Primrose Hill, and Balham as three additional districts that make London such a beautiful and unique place alongside the four discussed above.


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