White T-Shirt: The Essential That Everyone Should Have in Their Wardrobe

It’s a classic. The white t-shirt is everywhere, and celebrities from Marlon Brando to Kristen Stewart swear by this fashion must-have.

But when you wear it, it doesn’t quite have the same flair. In fact, it seems like it may be best known as a food and another stain attractant. 

If that sounds like you, you are not alone. Millions of people want the sexy, fashionable look that comes with a well-worn white t-shirt, but they shy away from wearing one because of the fear of stains

The good news is that you, too, can join the leagues of those who can pull off a white t-shirt, look incredible, and make it home without embarrassing discolourations showing up. We’ll show you how right here.

Why White T-Shirts Are Non-Negotiable

The white t-shirt is, by the accounts of fashion designers everywhere, an essential part of everyone’s wardrobe. It doesn’t matter what your hobbies are or your profession is, or what kind of fashion style you possess. The white t-shirt is a must.

Plain white tees (they don’t always have to be plain, but we’ll get into that later) increase your wardrobe’s versatility and variety. They work well regardless of the season since you can layer them when it’s cold and use them as the foundation of your outfit when it’s hot.

You’ve seen people rock a cut-off or tattered white t-shirt with blue jeans. You’ve seen them worn in layers under jackets or cardigans and knotted along the side over a skirt or dress. Most importantly, you’ve seen them appear over decades of people known for their fashion sense. Classic t-shirts are non-negotiable, and they’re always going to be in style.

Why does a white t-shirt add such flair to your wardrobe? Well, white goes with everything, of course. When you find a t-shirt that suits your frame, it not only connects each aspect of your outfit together but also flatters your figure.

For those who prefer not to think too hard about their daily outfits, white t-shirts are the ideal solution. They work well for any occasion and are stylish. White t-shirts can help you blend in or make you stand out.

How to Wear a White T-Shirt

Ready to give the classic white t-shirt a try again, but not sure where to start? Here are some examples of using this simple wardrobe staple in ways that anyone can pull off.

  • Channel your inner James Dean, Nick Jonas, or Emilia Clarke, and pair your white t-shirt with your favourite blue jeans.
  • Copy the Madonna look or make it your own and add black suspenders worn over your white t-shirt, connected to a pair of black jeans.
  • Knot the t-shirt under your sternum or over your hip, similar to the popular style that made headlines when Julia Roberts wore her white t-shirt tied under her chest.
  • Add colour to your outfit by wearing a white t-shirt with a colourful pattern, saying, or slogan across the front.

Each of these classic ways to wear the white t-shirt work for most people, but the key is to find a shirt that is made well and flatters your figure.

Where to Find the Best White T-Shirt (At the Best Price)

Sure, celebrities can look amazing in their wardrobes. They have the money to invest in the highest quality styles. The rest of us need to shop within our budgets, which means searching for the best white t-shirts for our buck.

You’ll find the classic clothes at nearly any store you choose to shop at, yet, they’re not all designed equally. One way you can add a variety of these shirts to your wardrobe is to look for wholesale retailers like Wordans.

Wordans is a textile wholesale leader in its market, where shoppers can find the best textile products at affordable prices. If you’re looking for a white t-shirt, head to a store where the manufacturer focuses on designing them as their area of expertise, like Wordans.

With online shopping easily placing your next wardrobe essential at your fingertips, the next step is to learn what to look for in a well-designed t-shirt.

How to Choose Your White T-Shirt

We’ve mentioned a few times that the key to your successful white-t-shirt outfit is only partly how you wear it. The main thing is to find a shirt that is made from high-quality material and matches your body type.

There are two main parts to look at while you’re choosing a shirt that flatters you: the neckline and the sleeves.

V-necklines work well for people with hourglass figures or those with an inverted triangle or apple-shaped body. Make sure your v-neck shirt isn’t too low or too high. It flatters those with larger busts but also looks good on people with smaller chests, those who are athletic, and anyone with a curvy shape.

Aim for a ¾-length sleeve if you want people to notice your waist since the eye is naturally drawn to this area. But if you prefer to avoid this, go for the relaxed short sleeve instead.

Crew necks are another popular choice. These are better designed for anyone who wants to show off their face and shoulders. Because the round neck enhances the definition of these areas, it’s a great choice for people with smaller busts, rectangle, pear, and hourglass-shaped bodies, and long necks. Fitted crew neck t-shirts match seamlessly with nearly anything you want to layer, such as jackets or skirts. Long-sleeve crew-neck t-shirts are flattering as bodysuits, tucked in, or untucked.

Finally, there’s the scoop neck style. It combines the v-neck and the crew neck, showing off more skin, like the v-neck style, but with a round cut. The deeper style emphasizes the collarbone and lengthens the neck.

Wide scoop necklines are excellent choices for anyone with a smaller bust, pear, or rectangle-shaped figure. Smaller scooped neckline shirts are better on the hourglass, inverted triangle, apple, or pear shapes and those with larger busts.

Scoop neck shirts are often found in loose-fitting styles, perfect for those who don’t want anything clinging to them. But they are also available in fitted cuts with ¾-length sleeves and long-sleeved options.

Once you find the cut and fit that flatters your figure, you can use your white t-shirt in any outfit ensemble. You’ll love the variety and versatility this one simple shirt brings to your closet.