Top Tips On Experimenting In Your Relationship

Whether you are looking for ways to bring some passion back into your sex life with a long-term partner or are trying to think of sexy ways to spice up an evening, there are always new pleasures out there yet to be explored. Creating a bedroom bucket list is a great way to think about what you want to try out under the sheets and open up a conversation about any fantasies you would like to explore, giving you some things to look forward to as you get kinky under the sheets.

At the end of the day, injecting some extra fun into the bedroom is only going to bring you and your partner closer than ever as you experience new things and try different ways of making each other feel great. To get the ball rolling, here are some fun things to try out:

  1. Buy some new sex toys

From simpler toys such as vibrators, cock rings, and dildos which are perfect for those new to the world of sex toys to the more kinky toys such as fetish toys, anal play, BDSM, and roleplay aids, there is something for everyone out there. Being designed to please, experience new sensations that aren’t possible with your bodies alone so you can stimulate those hard-to-reach spots. Whether you’ve given them a go in the past or have never ventured into the world of sex toys, there’s endless fun to be had. Once you start experimenting with toys, you will never look back and can continually find new ways to switch up your sex life, finding different forms of pleasure to drive you and your partner crazy.

  • Bring out your competitive side

The more build up you have, the more you will be able to not keep your hands off each other, so maximise foreplay in a unique way and add a competitive element. Plan some more fun ways to connect with your partner, spicing things up if you’ve found yourself using the exact same positions every time you have sex or are finding yourself with a lower sex drive. Strip poker is a great place to start, gradually losing items of clothing one piece at a time. To really drive them crazy, introduce sexy forfeits or rewards along the way to really tease each other and build towards a big finish.

  • Get out of the bedroom

Of course, keep it legal, but finding a secluded spot to park up at in your car can be a huge turn on. Although we’re not here to get anyone arrested, having sex in a new place is a great way to get you out of your regular routine and add some excitement. Heading outdoors and finding some hidden areas to get down and dirty in and switch up your scenery can really get you going, adding a thrill to your evening. If you can’t find anywhere suitable, try out new locations around the house such as the sofa, kitchen counters, or the shower to make you try out new positions and get creative.


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