Where to Go in London to Spend Your Cryptocurrency

The business world is warming up more to the cryptocurrency market as more and more businesses are accepting crypto as payment. In other words, if you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast planning to visit London, you don’t have to change your crypto to fiat. There are a number of places, from hotels to stores and to restaurants that accept cryptocurrency as payment.

Thus, go ahead and buy Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency of your choice before you set on your journey. Meanwhile, although many people believe you can only spend crypto online, that narrative is changing pretty fast. More so, London is one of the leading cities with businesses that are accepting cryptocurrency. Whether you’re visiting or are resident in London, below are places where your cryptocurrency will be welcomed with open arms.


Clink78 is a stylish and very friendly hostel in London that combines Victorian architecture with a twist of modernity. If you are visiting London and are planning to spend the night, you obviously need a place to stay. Clink78 is one of the hostels in the capital that are friendly to cryptocurrency enthusiasts like yourself. You can book a room, relax at the onsite basement bar, get some food, and meet new people while you’re at it.

The Old Shoreditch Station

There is a good chance that you will fancy a cup of tea or coffee while you’re in London. If you’ve only got cryptocurrency to spend, then you might want to head over to the Old Shoreditch Station. Meanwhile, if you’re more of a whiskey person rather than coffee or tea, you can find it at the bar. The Old Shoreditch Station is a café bar and exhibition centre that is based on a decommissioned train station.

The bar comprises three rooms, outstanding coffee, pop-up shops, a selection of beverages, and many London sights to see. If you want to hold a private party, birthday or wedding anniversary, the Station also offers private party bookings.

Boisdale of Bishopsgate

Boisdale of Bishopsgate is one of the finest dining restaurants in London – and one that accepts cryptocurrency for the best wines. This restaurant is renowned for a lot of things, including being one of the best oyster and champagne bars around. The staple of this luxury restaurant is elegant and modern British cuisine; it is a place to relax and have fun. Also, the venue holds regular events and if you love night clubbing, you’ll enjoy the live jazz it offers at night.

Bitcoin Black Cab

Black cabs are the most popular transportation media in London, and there is a great option for Bitcoin users. Bitcoin Black Cab is one of the black cab drivers; he accepts Bitcoin in exchange for taking you to wherever you want to go.

Also, he offers discounts to users that pay for his services with Bitcoin; he does this to encourage others to join. If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Bitcoin Black Cab is the number one way to move around in London.


Off-White is a luxury fashion brand based in London; it started accepting cryptocurrencies in April 2022. This luxury brand currently accepts Bitcoin, Binance coin, Circle’s USDC, XRP, Ethereum, and Tether. Furthermore, it has partnered with Luna, thus potentially bridging the gap between fiat and digital currencies.

Luna runs live actions using a widget to ascertain the live price of a particular digital currency in the target fiat. Then, it converts the digital coin into fiat and transfers the correct amount to the retailer. Meanwhile, behind the transaction scene are independent arbitrageurs ensuring the process is seamless and accurate.

Philipp Plein of Mayfair

Philipp Plein of Mayfair is the land-based store of the famous fashion designer, Philipp Plein; it also accepts cryptocurrency. The fashion brand, known for its bold and flashy designs, has partnered with the cryptocurrency market and agreed to accept cryptocurrency. If you are both a fashion and cryptocurrency enthusiast, this is a great place to live out your desires without restraint. You have the offers of a lifetime and just the right currency to buy what you want.


Now you know where to go in London to spend your digital currencies. The city is friendly to crypto users, with lots of iconic sights to see, accommodations, and restaurants to go to. There is almost nothing you cannot do in the city, and you don’t have to change your cryptocurrency to fiat.