Five of Mayfair’s hidden gems

One of the most fashionable residential districts in London, Mayfair’s streets are typically associated with the rich and the famous, given the high-end restaurants and humongous Georgian homes that are on show in the area. Put simply, it’s a place in London that is always in high demand, although you certainly need a large budget to be able to live there.

While Mayfair is associated with expensive offerings, such as world-famous fashion stores and quaint organic bakeries, there are some hidden gems in the area that don’t cost an arm and a leg to frequent. In fact, while playing popular slots like Regal Streak before experiencing a land-based casino’s offering appeals, alongside being able to sample some stunning Michelin-starred food, there are some lesser-known things to see and do in the area that perhaps don’t get the coverage they deserve. Alongside the more extravagant offerings, these hidden gems in Mayfair are well worth sampling, too. Let’s take a look at just five of them below.

Royal Academy of Arts

Loaded full of creative masterpieces and founded in 1768 when the architect Sir William Chambers presented King George III with a petition to establish ‘a society promoting the Arts and Design’, the Royal Academy of Arts houses a comprehensive selection of intriguing art styles all under one roof. Capable of taking up a good few hours in a day and enabling you to explore art in a way like never before, there is a range of exhibitions on show there throughout a typical year in this stunningly beautiful location. If you’re a lover of art, then visiting the Royal Academy of Arts is a must.

Cad and the Dandy

If you’re in need of a top-quality suit for a special occasion, then look no further than Cad and the Dandy. Combining traditional craftsmanship alongside a quintessentially British look to create the most amazing bespoke handmade suits, it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re in need of something special. All of the suits in the store are created using the most traditional of techniques, too.

Handel and Hendrix Museum

Whether you’re into rock or classical music, the Handel and Hendrix Museum will surely be of interest given its diverse selection of musical offerings from two of the most iconic musicians to have ever lived. With both George Frideric Handel, a German-British composer, and Jimi Hendrix, an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter calling Mayfair their home, this museum provides a fascinating insight into their life in the capital. With rooms restored and facts on display, this particular hidden gem is a must-visit place for fans of music.


Although Mayfair is packed full of excellent restaurants, not many of them can claim to provide the same type of food and all-around atmosphere as Momo. Offering deliciously fresh North African cuisine, the restaurant has been treating visitors to its selection of stunning dishes since 1995, with the owner setting the restaurant up after he struggled to find his beloved Algerian grub in London. Now, some years later, the restaurant is thriving and is widely regarded as one of the best in Mayfair. Not everyone knows about it, though.

Berry Bros and Rudd

Steeped in history, with the likes of Lord Byron, William Pitt, and Napoleon linked to the shop, Berry Bros and Rudd is a fantastic place to purchase an array of different wines. Selling alcoholic beverages since 1698, this family-run business holds two royal warrants and has a bottle of wine for any budget. Whether you’re passionate about wine or not, it’s a great place to visit and take in its massive selection of historical bottles.


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