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What It Takes Running London’s Premier Property Management Company

Combining over 30 years’ worth of experience managing properties in some of London’s most desirable postcodes, the skilled and talented team at Footman & Butler understand the importance of looking after your home, as if it were their own.

Headed up by Managing Director and Client Lead, Teagan Howard, the team has a wealth of experience servicing both London-based and international High-Net-Worth clients’ homes, second homes and property portfolios in Prime and Super Prime London.

Driven by attention to detail, Footman & Butler goes beyond property management, offering an on-demand professional service taking care of the little things like keyholding to ensuring your home is always dressed in your favourite flowers.


Howard comments: “We operate in a place of transparency, taking pride in our work whilst remaining humble and professional. Our own complementary set of skills and deep understanding of London properties positions us to manage exclusive properties worthy of the attention they deserve.”


Understanding the delicate care and protection required to maintain a client’s home is at the heart of Footman & Butler’s proposition, taking a truly tailored approach to its clients’ needs and requirements – as no two clients, or homes, are the same.


Key Holding

A trusted key holder provides efficient coverage for properties to cover all types of issues, from alarms to burst pipes and emergencies, opening the property for access and safekeeping.


Attention to detail, discretion and respect for your property is most important, the team ensures all domestic housework services are carried out to the highest quality.

Property Maintenance

From keeping the fridge stocked to replacing light bulbs, to sorting dry cleaning and watering plants, the team looks after all property needs to total peace of mind.


The team can arrange for trusted and registered babysitters and nannies to look after children, taking the hassle out of dealing with third parties.


With a wide range of suppliers and a strong network of exclusive event planners, the team can create bespoke dining experiences to piano lessons.

Property Check

Feel safe and relaxed knowing that the team regularly looks over your home to ensure it’s safe, secure and clean.

Mail Watching

Taking care of all the administration of the property, and acting as your personal post service, the team can arrange, file, scan and forward documents/posts in the UK or abroad.


Arrive in London knowing your property is ready for you based on your own unique requirements, from a warm fireplace, a soothing bath, or a bouquet of flowers, the team will ensure you arrive in comfort and feeling welcomed.

The business also has extensive experience designing luxury flats and houses, from concept through to completion, and being fortunate to design such homes ensures the team appreciates the level of energy and attention to keep them at their best.

If this sounds of interest, please get in touch with the expert team at Footman & Butler today by visiting



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